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thrifty treasures before & after // yellow purse

Cute little yellow purse, huh? I thought so when I spotted it at Goodwill yesterday. $4 was reasonable so I grabbed it, knowing I could add a little flair to it.

I dug through my stash of fabric flowers and found these cute black and white polka dotted ones. I used a little silver button from a shirt that has a hole in it (which will get repurposed soon).

I hot glued the two flowers together. I threaded the button separately, then hot glued it to the middle of the flowers.

I stitched a pop-dot to the outside of the purse and hot glued the whole flower combo to it.

Not bad for a 15 minute fixup. Except that while stitching it to the purse, I stabbed my thumb with the back of the needle. Yeah, it went in pretty far but honestly, it’s worth it!

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2 thoughts on “thrifty treasures before & after // yellow purse”

  1. Hello,

    The purse looks so cute, love that it’s a black flower. This could be for a dressy outfit or a casual jean outfit. To bad for your poor thumb though, I guess it’s worth it when you can make something as cute as this. I was happy to see your pasta recipe, looks so yummy and we are having roast chicken next weekend so now I know what to make with the leftovers, hope I can wait that long,lol. How are you doing on your word? I’m not doing so good, hoping to start doing some crafty stuff this week for it though. Have a good day.

    1. Let me know how the recipe comes out! I love it and it’s so easy.
      I am loving the new purse…the change from the big purse I made a few months ago is nice.
      My words are going pretty well. I am trying to schedule my blog time, instead of feeling like I need to do it every night. And I am listening more, and reacting less. It’s always a work in progress with these habits.

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