4grays.12times. // number one.

number one.

a game of candyland gets us all together.

i am getting used to the non-perfectness of this photo. no one is posed and it sort of feels nice. it makes me and my OCD a bit uncozy at times but I ma getting over that. this was what we looked like last night and i absolutely love it!

This photo is linked up at Sweet Shot Tuesdays. Come by and check out all the great sweet shots!

11 thoughts on “4grays.12times. // number one.”

    1. Thanks Melissa! We don’t do a lot of outside the house family stuff like trips and vacations so I have to get the photos in where I can. I told my hubby that I’d better not end up with 12 photos of us sitting at the table. Oooo, wait a minute…that might be sortof interesting as a side thing.

      Anyhoo, thanks for checking it out and taking the time to comment! =) Have a super day!

    1. Motion, that’s it! That’s what I need to focus on! Motion is what our lives are like all the time with these little ones and a home business and I feel like i can embrace that more now.
      Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

  1. I agree this is my favorite kind of picture, the true in the moment and noone caring about posing and looking at the camera. How fun to play Candyland. What do the letters on your wall stand for or are they just for fun?

    1. Exactly! Since our youngest is 3, it’s the most exciting things for him (besides trains of course). =)
      The letters are completely random. I am working on adding to the wall all the time. Whenever I am somewhere I can look for a wooden or metal letters I will pick up one I don’t have already. Psst…I have these letters all over my house…I will have a post on it someday.

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