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don’t bother me. i’m organizing.

You won’t see a seductive commercial of me organizing anything in this post but the Carl’s Jr. slogan makes sense right now. I’ve been absent lately. I’ve been on vacation for the past 9 days and have decided that even though I am at home I have been busy doing some major organizing. The garage. Photos and scrapbook stuff. Paper files and digital files. But I’ve not been blogging. I’ve been giving my wonderful hubby a break from his normal work-at-home-dad duties and we’re all happier for the change of pace.

I do have some cute stuff coming up in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for mason jars, thrifty treasures updates and recent project.fiftytwophotots posts.

So today I’m spending my last vacation day at my mom and dad’s house. To give hubby a quiet day to edit Bulldogs: the series and because my mom and I are going to go crazy with organizing photos and figuring out what pages need to be done to finish 2009 and 2010 books. We need the time together and my kiddos need to get outta this house!

See you soon peeps.

Oh my stars I almost forgot to mention that I will be guest blogging at A Bowl Full of Lemons in the very near future! I am so excited to show you my craziness of preparing for scrapbooking!


2 thoughts on “don’t bother me. i’m organizing.”

  1. Thanks for letting us know your around but not here for the moment. Hope your enjoying your days off and can’t wait to see what your future posts will be. Congratulations on being a guest on Bowl Full of Lemons. I read that blog everyday now that you showed it here on your blog. So many creative ideas. So does this mean your mom also scraps with you and you do scrap together or your working together on one. That’s so nice to spend time together. Enjoy your day and can’t wait to see some new things from you.

    1. Hi Dawn, finally getting to some older comments! My mom and I do all sorts of crafty things together. She is my bestie and we love doing projects together. We sew, scrap, paint, decorate and organize. She taught me everything about being domesticated…

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