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using project life for football

From June until December of 2010, football was our life. Our oldest son decided that this was the year he would tryout and stick with it. I was THRILLED! We are a football family and now I could really be a football mom! When the season came to a close and I had time to remove myself for a while, I decided it was time to go through the pictures. How many do you think I took during my boy’s first ever football season. Almost 3000! How in the world was I going to tackle this to get them scrapbooked? One step at a time.

I first decided to go through the photos and get rid of the obvious pics that were blurry, too far away or just not good. That only eliminated 400. Oookay. Now I needed to be very selective and pick ones that I knew I would use. It was tough and it took me an entire naptime to decide on 389 of my favorites. Still a lot but there would also be another round of cuts when it came down to the editing process.

Having been using Becky Higgins’ Project Life for our everyday photos, I thought maybe this was the way to go for football too. I could use the 2 page designs and make life really easy on myself. I am still holding on to my goal of having the 2010 season done before conditioning camp starts at the end of June.

It was decided! In Photoshop Elements I tagged the events and games to keep them organized. Then, by category, I edited and cropped to fit the pages.

Always trying to use what I have before I go spend money…I went thru my scraps and look what i found!

So many things can be used when you’re looking for color and style.  After I was finished, I realized only 2 things in the pile are football related. I love a good challenge!


and so far, here is what my first few pages look like.

I’m so excited to be getting this done in a fun and easy format!

7 thoughts on “using project life for football”

  1. What an awesome idea, you should send this in to Becky and to the open class at Big picture Scrapbooking. I bet a lot of moms would love this idea. It would be so easy to fill this up as just sports only if you have a child that plays sports all year. Your first few pages came out great and the photos are fun and came out great. I like the mans sweat saying, so funny.

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