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gift . {the JOY of LUCK} . day 01

my job. truly a gift from God. not the gift i wanted, but a gift i received when it was handed to me and am blessed by it every day.

in february 2009 i was laid off from a job i loved and had for over 6 years. that was such an emotional time for me. i probably sent out close to 50 resumes and applications for various jobs within the skill sets i hold and nothing. literally nothing. 6 weeks passed and i was getting very used to staying home with my boys and enjoying the time with matt (who had just begun working from home when i was laid off). i had reached out to a former co-worker who i knew had stayed in the same field and one day an email came from her, letting me know her boss (who i also knew) was looking for a part-time employee. God knew what i wanted…and needed. the location was perfect (5 miles away), the price was almost right and the promise to get me back to my previous salary was kept and has now, just 2 years later, exceeded that number by far. i have an amazing boss and great flexibility in my schedule that allows me to be with my kiddos more. i come home for lunch everyday to hang with marshall and matt.

i always wanted to be a mommy and wife. never really had corporate dreams. i certainly was not driven or defined by my job. still am not. but matt has dreams and i was always able to hold pretty good jobs. i am a mommy who happens to have a job outside the house. i bring home bacon and allow my family to have the necessities of life. and maybe a few fun things along the way! we are far from rich and i don’t ever plan to be. but i know there are people who plain don’t have a job. for them i understand the struggle, the stress and the worry. i am blessed with this gift and even at the times when i just don’t want to be there or i screw up and the tears flow, i know that i cannot fail and that at 4:00 i am only 10 minutes from being back home where i belong.

i am blessed.

1 thought on “gift . {the JOY of LUCK} . day 01”

  1. Congrats on having a job that makes you happy and close to home and be home for lunch and more time with kids. That’s awesome. I love being home with my kiddos too. Over the years I’ve had various part-time evening jobs after hubby got home so I could stay home during the day with the kids when they were little. Now I stay home and God had a plan for me too when my last child started full day first grade and for the first time in almost twenty years I was home ALONE for the first time. I kept thinking and wondering what I should do, some people/family said finally you can get a real job or something like that. Well, my dear husband said you do whatever you want. Well a month later after finally getting use to a quiet house for such a long stretch of time I went up to our pre-k for an interview and got the job if I wanted it. When I got home from there my cousin who just had a baby said ” I decided to go back to working part-time and need a sitter, there’s noone I’d trust her with but you” wow 2 job offers in one day heck in one hour. What to do??? The school job was everyday for 4 hours and about the same pay and babysitting would be alternate 1 day and 2 day weeks from 8-5. Well, I decided to babysit because really I didn’t want to go get a job just yet, felt like I HAD TO. It was the first time in my life to find out more about me and who I want to be and do things I like this time. Well it’s been the best choice I’ve ever made. Every time my sweet, adorable, funny and smart cousin comes over we have the best times and she gets to bond with my kids. Now my cousin just had a second baby, A BOY A BOY!! Now in a few weeks there will be two cuties at my house for me to watch. I never had any dreams of being in the job field and have just wanted to be a mom too, so this has worked out for me. We are lucky aren’t we? I do thank God everyday for my hubby having a wonderful job that supports us and gives us just what we need, nothing extra really but we have each other and that’s enough for me.

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