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my life in lists // things i’m looking forward to

I’m a LIST freak. I make a list for everything. Sometimes in my list book, sometimes on scratch paper or the back of an envelope. All the time in my head. I love lists. If I have to do things, a list is required. My life could be listed out in short sweet notes and I’d be a happy girl.

Inspired by 30 days of lists, I am making lists part of my blog and doing one each week. A bit out of order than the 30 days blog, I’m starting with ‘things i’m looking forward to’.

You can join in too! Visit the ladies at 30 days and tag along or make up your own lists. Post and share them at 30 days’ flickr group too. Lot’s of inspiration and ideas.

{some of my upcoming lists are: things i’m good at, d.i.y. stuff i totally wanna do, stuff i want to photograph, my favorite websites, words that trip me up, what’s in my bag…and more}

so pencils up…here’s to our lives in lists.


3 thoughts on “my life in lists // things i’m looking forward to”

  1. This is so cute, I’m so glad your doing a list. I have the last couple days to catch up on, too busy lately it seems. You are a great drawer and writer. I can’t wait to see your other lists. I did mine on paint chips and kinda don’t like it now. Next week I will try to post some of mine for you to see. Oh and yes I love love lists too. When we went to Florida I had lists taped all over the house for me/ the kids/ the hubby/ the car packing list/ the animal care lists and more. It drives everybody here crazy but that’s how I roll.

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