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God’s candy

Seriously, yesterday’s food intake was a disaster. I have been trying to watch how much sugar and carbs I’m eating and it’s TOUGH. I’m managing but today after lunch…EPIC FAILURE. The Coke in the vending machine was calling…”drea…drea…I’d be great with ice and that buttery bag of popcorn you brought from home.” Oh, and there happened to be a dollar in my pocket…how the heck did that happen?? (sarcasm anyone).

Aaaanyhoo. Around 3pm (1 hour prior to leaving the office for the day) I remembered I had a little package of Oreos in my snack drawer. (Oh yes, I have a snack drawer in my desk. Just in case. Maybe someday I’ll do a post about it. Hmmm…maybe not.) I figured, what the heck, the day is already shot. And the Take 5 candy bar I bought in the check out line was simply for pleaure. Not gonna lie.

So basically, tomorrow I will redeem myself. With these:


I will eat these luscious berries (which I could hardly resist as they sat on my counter tonight) with a bowl of my homemade granola (a post I just published last night).  I figure this will be a good start to my day and that attitude might even last until dinner.

Again I praise God for his beautiful sweet treats. Happy spring everyone!

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