1 thought on “weekend project // sneak peek”

  1. You are on a crafty and creative roll girl!! I love this and seeing all your new fun stuff? Is it going to be a belt? A hair piece? a scarf? I love being surprised so don’t tell me just show me when your done. Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. I love when you visit and I can share a little of my world with you. I am so happy to have scrapbooking and Project Life in my life right now. All these little things I wish my mom could have saved about me and my sisters, it would make me soooo happppy… so funny that you fake failed your eye test for your sister, that is serious sister love. Did you hear about the new list coming out very soon, it’s top secret for now but keep an eye out for it. Not sure if it will be like March’s or totally different. Seeing all your lists has inspired me to re-do mine and make them more fun so I will post some soon. By the way where are you keeping your lists? They look like their on loose leaf paper and not in a notebook, so what are your plans. This was a tough one for me, so for now I’m using loose leaf blank paper and notebook paper and thinking about putting them in a binder? Have a wonderful weekend and Easter with your family. ((HUGS))

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