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I SPY // shoes and jewelry

Another great idea from Little Miss Momma in I SPY: shoes and jewelry. I mean seriously, how much more fun can we have together than sharing pics of our shoes?

I have about twice as many shoes than I’m showing here. But these are my absolute favorites. The ones that I am always deciding what to wear with them. Yes, I usually choose my shoes first when I’m picking my outfits. In my world, my shoes are where I can show my personality.

Okay, here we go:



FLIP-FLOPS (i think i may have a problem)




I have so many pieces that i wear but these are my go-to pieces.

from top left:
a custom made piece from my girlie-friend r.h.i. jewelry
bright pink: bracelet
black, blue and thicker black necklaces (they are separate)
a bracelet i wom in a white elephant game at my old job. my manager brought back gifts from Hawaii so this is from the islands! it’s hard to see but there are painted yellow hibiscus flowers with red and white details. 

Wish I could show off everything…

4 thoughts on “I SPY // shoes and jewelry”

  1. I love all your shoes, so nice to have different kinds to pick from. The jewelry is gorgeous too. Where do you keep all your shoes by the way?? I am curious to see your organization for them. Just like I shared my lack of clothes well the lack of shoes is there too, I have a fall pair and summer pair of tennis shoes (had for 3 years now) winter boots, one pair of sandles ( 9years old) one pair of brown ankle boot ( 6years old) and that’s it. Oh I did buy my first pair of flip flops ever last summer to wear around the yard. My kids have a few pair of shoes each and tons of flip flops though. I’ve always wanted to go on shoe shopping spree, it would be a dream. I’d have all kinds and especially lots of nike shoes in all colors. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes! especially those green wedges! And I was totally cracking up at how many pairs of flip flops you have–that is awesome!

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