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dressmaking // i think i kinda hate you

But I was in love with this dress. So my awesome (in my opinion) master seamstress mommy and I attempted to make this from a pattern. She has made a million dresses in her younger days so she knows all about reading patterns, how to work around different troubles, measurements and all that stuff. Plus we LOVE to do fun projects together.

We made it through the crazy part of cutting out the pattern. It took FOREVER. And according to Simplicity, I’m a 12…but I’m really an 8. So if you make a dress, be sure to measure and use the size the pattern says you are.

After 3 hours and we still hadn’t finished the bodice…we were both getting crazy frustrated. We both tend to like projects that we can do quickly and enjoy the fruits of our labor right away. I left her house at 10pm with only the top sewn. Leaving the bottom, belt and pockets for another day.

Or another weekend. Like Mother’s Day. We worked hard while Marshall slept and finished the skirt and some alterations just in time for our lovely lady cousins to show up!

This is how I got through it. Cheez-its and Cherry Coke. I drank almost the entire 2-liter that day.

Here is the finished product.

Thanks to my awesome 9yo photographer, I shot these tonight. It was cold and please excuse the hair, I literally threw the dress on and tossed my bangs back down to snap a few photos so I could finish this post.

So there it is. It took nearly 6 hours. We bought another pattern that I’m dying to make (a cool 50’s retro style) and Mom says that one will be sooooo much easier than this one.
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10 thoughts on “dressmaking // i think i kinda hate you”

  1. This looks great on you, the colors and the style. Great job on it and hanging in there till it was done. I can’t wait to see your next one. Tell your son he did a great job and think he’s a super cool kid for helping his mom out.

    1. Thanks Dawn, I will tell him. He earns a little screen time when he helps me out…so he does it with alacrity.
      Ugh….it was sooooo tough but I knew it would be worth it.

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