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and the lovely blog awards go to….

I simply adore Gin over at Life as Topher’s Mama. Not just for awarding me with this Lovely Blog Award, but because she’s just honest and completely awesome. She’s got a blog I visit daily to see what she’s up to in her new mommy adventures. Thanks Gin, you da bomb!

Here are the award guidelines:
1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs.  (Let’s see if I can actually do this one.)
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

Seems easy enough, right?

 7 Randoms:

one: I drive an automatic, but I use both feet.

two: i don’t drink coffee

three: i’m pretty handy around the house

four: i hate the smell of dryer sheets (but i use them) and love the smell of gasoline and tires

five: i am really obsessed with lists.

six: we still have the final episode of LOST on our DVR. just can’t quite get rid of it.

seven: i am obsessed with collect coca-cola stuff. bottles mostly but i have so much cute stuff. it’s kinda nutty because i actually won’t even touch pepsi. it’s like blasphemy. i’m a coke girl…what can i say? i actually prefer cherry coke (a few a week if it’s accessible), it’s my fave!

So here we go…blogs I totally dig:

Life as Topher’s Mama: this is a girl i just really like. is there anything wrong with that? she’s crafty and witty and stylish and she’s got a cute little boy. nuff said!

Boerman Ramblings: for real. she’s totally for real. real sweet. real pretty. real honest. real lover of God. real crafty. really.

Little Lovelies: this girl is super talented. her embroidery is amazing and i draw so much inspiration from her.

Craft-o-Maniac: this girl has a crazy amount of creativity! i found her blog only a few weeks ago but fell in love immediately. i still haven’t devoured her blog completely.

AdelynStone: a new friend, thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous’ Handmade Gift Exchange. her talent for cute graphics are to die for. she’s got a super rad family and her taste in style and color has me smiling.

Help a Mutha Out: this girl knows how to be super cute and super modest. she has fashion sense that inspires me every week.

Everyday Memories with Project Life: this girl is the kind of mom i want to be. she dedicates herself to living in the moment with her family as they grow up and documents it all.

kristy.makes: this girl cracks me up. she adds humor to her posts about cooking and crafting and life and it’s like a conversation. i read EVERY post of hers, sometimes twice.

The Crafty CPA: this girl is super crafty. she’s got a ton of projects i want to do and her simple and cool style is so inspiring.

Jana Melinda Photography: this girl is as good in front of the camera as she is behind it. but behind is truly her gift. amazing talent and the eye for photography is not saying enough. all her photos are simply gorgeous.

Thank you ladies for being daily sources of inspiration and keeping me crafty!

4 thoughts on “and the lovely blog awards go to….”

  1. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! so flattered. Its so fun to read about peeps and their likes and quirks. Thanks for thinking of me. SMOOOCH. P.S. you are as cute as can be too. WINKS-JEN

  2. Thank you Thank you, I’m so touched that you thought of me. I will smile for weeks now sweetie, you are the coolest, hippest girl I know. So happy that I stumbled upon your blog and how you inspire me to be better and that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes. How come you couldn’t live right next door to me we would have so much fun, and my son could play with your boys….aaahhh one can dream. Thanks again, it was such a nice surprise. Hugs Dawn

  3. I think you’re the bomb too, chica! and, we both love the smell of gasoline. I also think spray paint and nail polish smells good too. (what a weirdo, I know.) However, I do drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. If we ever get together for our craft date, I’ll make sure I’m stocked with Coke!

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