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a sweet little ad i did [for my sweet sister]

my sister wants to stay home with her new baby girl and is trying to start up an in home daycare to earn the lost income of quitting her job. so we met up at our parent’s house to hang out and come up with some ideas for her business card.

we spent the morning watching the kids play and catching up. i, of course, was snapping away at all the antics and when little alyssa finally woke up i kept on snapping while my dad held her.

after a bbq lunch, we started shooting around names and concepts (appealing to the mom’s and not the kids) and i suggested (after deciding she wanted more of a flyer to hang up in local businesses) that we use a simple picture of a baby and avoid all the typical blocks and primary colors of most daycare outfits. my sis really liked the idea so i though hmmm…i just shot some cute pics of alyssa, let’s look at them and see if any work.  this is the one we picked since we wanted the baby to look “generic”. i think it worked…don’t you? a cute title and basic info (obviously i removed her city and phone number) and we’ve got an ad that screams clean and sweet.

we sized it 5×7 so she can print them as photos at costco. when my sis puts these around her little town, they’re sure to catch the eye of a few moms who might need her services.

putting it in God’s hands now. praying my sis can find a good family to help out in order to keep her home with alyssa.

5 thoughts on “a sweet little ad i did [for my sweet sister]”

  1. This would bring in any moms/dads, she is the sweetest thing ever. Tell your sister good luck on her adventure. I also babysit my cousins so that I can stay at home with my kids. You did a great job on it Andrea.

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