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flashback friday // new york


It’s been almost a year since we went won a trip to New York. So much has happened since our amazingly unforgettable trip across the country.

First, we won a video contest in the fall and by the spring we were making plans for a free flight, hotel in Times Square and a special meeting with a very special person in our lives (don’t skip ahead, you’ll find out at the end).

I had certain pictures in my head…ones I knew I had to get. My goal with my photos was to capture New York how I saw it and how I wanted to remember it. I didn’t want all my pics to look like they could have been on a postcard. We only had 2 days so I had to be selective and deal with the fact that I wasn’t going to get some shots. But as I reminisce about this time and recall all that we’ve accomplished since then I decided to share my very favorites with you for Flashback Friday.

To begin our journey, we hopped a red eye from Sac to Houston, arriving a sunrise. Made it to La Guardia by noon with the rest of the day to get acclimated. Oh yeah, they arranged for a driver to pick us up from the airport. He was a sport and let me take this pic.

Some random shot of the city as we were driven to our hotel. There’s a lot more …. everything in NY.

Radio City at dusk. We didn’t go in, but I really just wanted this shot. 

I know, it’s random, but it’s different and remember, I wanted to capture how I saw the city. Our fire hydrants are yellow…but I love the red.

Honestly, this city is dirty. I’m only being real.

If you know my hubby, this was perfect and he didn’t even know he was standing here at first. =)

Rocking out at the Hard Rock.

Feeling the freedom and liberty at Battery Park.

Lady Liberty. She’s simply gorgeous.

A lonely bench in Battery Park.

We took a cab from Battery Park into Brooklyn so we could walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. These are a few details of the bridge I found completely mesmerizing. All I could imagine was all the hardworking men who sweated and hammered and risked their own lives for this project. And how, after all these decades, I can see the cracks and rust that give it character and life.

Two little bolts, just doing their job to hold it all together.

Here it is. Bricks. Cables. Steel. Wood. Magnificent.

Sunday night we were treated to a lovely dinner at the Primehouse. I may have forgot to mention that 9 other couples also won this trip so we all got to have dinner as a group. It was a blast! I enjoyed a 42 day aged ribeye. I think I can still taste it. =)
More about that dress next!

I had to get a dress for dinner. I felt like Vivian in Pretty Woman asking Bridgette for help. I didn’t have any clue what I wanted, it was one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of things. And when I saw this dress…I knew it.

It was 50% off at Kohl’s too…and it creamed my name…LOUDLY!

I brightened it up with a pink bracelet and a tiny teal purse. Toss in a pair of peep toes and cute circle earrings and I had a winner! My hubby dressed up nice and looked all handsome and stuff. =) I may look like Lucy but maaaaaan, is this my style. I felt so good in this dress. The problem is now, how to wear it to work so that it doesn’t feel like it’s dressed up like this. I’ve been playing with different things so you may see my polka dotted friend show up in a style post soon. 

After dinner, we walked around Times Square, just trying to enjoy our last night. Monday is the big day and we leave soon after our “thing”.

Okay, so here we are. The whole reason we are here. The reason that we entered this contest and the person who decided we (and 18 other people) deserved an all expenses paid trip to NY. I never talk politics here, it’s just not the place and I won’t much now, but Glenn BEck has been a part of our lives since 2004 when he was just starting out in Talk Radio. We’re big conservatives and he said all the right things. Got us really thinking about the important things in life. Made us see the value in money, family and honest to goodness values.

Being faithful listeners to his show when it was on locally, then buying the subscription to his podcast and buying and devouring any book he put out, we were devoted fans. Glenn changed us and I am not ashamed to say that.

When Matt learned he was having a video contest, of course we had no choice but to enter it and when we were selected as winners, we were on top of the world. Getting to this place, it means a lot to our family and Matt’s film career. He did something he loves to do and it got us here. Not just to meet a “celebrity”, no, not that at all. It’s a wrung in the accomplishment ladder and those steps allow us to climb the ladder to a film career Matt was meant to have. One that uses the talents God gave him and has  planned for him from the beginning.

This was an tremendous 3 days. Rushed as it was (and the fact that Matt’s body was nearly killing him internally and we didn’t know it until the week after we got home), this will forever be a top 10 highlight in both of our books.
Thanks for staying and hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our one and only trip to NY. We decided it’s not a place we want to go back to, but are glad we had the experience. No doubt.

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5 thoughts on “flashback friday // new york”

  1. Wow! You’re pictures are AMAZING! Also I am waaaay jealous that you got to meet Glenn Beck! He has changed my life for the good! Love him : )

  2. These are some sweet pictures. I love seeing what you see thru your lens. You really make us feel like we were there too. It’s funny you did this post because my trip to Miami this week was like that. I’ve been there 2 other times but this time it was for me and I took pictures of what I wanted to remember and what I saw. You did a great job at that. What an experience and treat for you two in NY, all paid and no kids. I know it’s corny but whenever you bring up Pretty Women in your posts it makes me happy and that dress is a perfect dress for you, so Vivian of you. That was my favorite dress in the movie, my hubby loved it too. Thanks for sharing this happy time with us.

  3. that is one of my favorite lines in the movie, cracks me up every time. I’ve always wanted a dress like that, she’s so gorgeous in whatever she wears. My oldest daughter reminds me of her because of her long hair, beautiful smile, long legs and personality charisma. Now I want to go watch that movie again.

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