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embroidered coke bottle

i’m working a several embroidered projects of vintage items to make a collage in my kitchen.  i searched google images until i found the design that i wanted. then i stitched it out in traditional coca-cola red.

the logo was by far the hardest part. i used 3 strands of floss but i really should have used 2. i am totally okay with the imperfections and from a distance…it looks great!

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9 thoughts on “embroidered coke bottle”

    1. I would love for you to feature my project! Hey I tried to go to your blog but it kept redirecting me to a site that didn’t exist. What’s up with that? You wanna send me a new link so I can see what’s up with you.

  1. you have GOT to be kidding me!?!?!?! i kid you not, last night after seeing your other project, i was thinking… how cool it would be to do an exchange with you, & i thought, i could TOTALLY embroider something coke! you SOO read my mind! dunno ’bout you, but i’m starting to think we were seperated at birth, and of course, you got all the fashion sense 😉 LOVE IT! : )

    1. YEAH!!!! I’m telling you, separated at birth! =) haha, i knew you’d love this. I will totally make you one! Or if you want to try it yourself I can send you the image i used to make the template. It really was easy, but the logo was a bit tricky…had to be really patient.

    1. Chrissy, find an image you like on google images. one that is simple enough for tracing. also, love the mistakes and flaws…cause there will be some when you start getting detailed. but seriously, not much skill is involved…=)

  2. IN LOOOOVE!!! I’m embroidery obsessed. And I have a Dr Pepper love that runs deep. I will be making one today! Thanks for linking up. I pinned, tweeted and FB’d about it! 🙂

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