retrohipmama style: could have tried harder


It was HOT again this week and i also had no client meetings so casual was my style.

Layer tanks today with my comfy jean skirt and cute casual flats I picked up from Target 5 years ago.

still loving my lighter weight hair and not sure if you can see, but I wore blue and pink eye shadow. =) yay for color!


On Wednesday morning, my sweet hubby handed me a $20 for bagels, cokes, whatever for the week.
On Wednesday afternoon I saw these shoes and the 50% off sale that Payless was having.
On Wednesday evening, I ran over to Payless and swooped them up for $11.

My first pair of yellow shoes and I am in love. I figured it was a better financial decision than bagels for breakfast. Do you agree?

Womens American EagleYacht Bow Espadrille High Wedge

I wore them with a plain white tee and gold/brown/khaki-ish shorts. I tucked the shirt in but you can’t really see it here.

Then i threw on my yellow fabric flower for a little dab of color.

Not the best pic but my hubby tried. At least he’s not laughing at me for taking pics of my outfits everyday.


I bought this Candie’s shirt at Kohl’s last year and as much as I like the color and the stripes, I kinda hate how it fits. It’s clingy and it moves around a lot, if that makes any sense. I totally dig the flowers it has on it and when I am not lazy I will iron them flat so the big rhinestones show.

Getting braver about stripes, I paired it with these hand-me-down shorts from my sister’s friend.  I also picked up these cute Airwalk flip-flops at Payless when I got my yellow sandals. I love the little flower on the tops.

Overall, even with a couple new pairs of shoes…these were the only picture worthy outfits. I felt a little blah this week with temps rising from high 90’s to 100’s.

Hope you were able to find something new in your closet this week!

See ya over at Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

9 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: could have tried harder”

  1. I like the outfits this week, they are simple but still adorable on you. I can’t believe your temps are that high, we’ve had a cold week untill this weekend when it heated up. The first outfit is cool and easy to wear, the photo came out great. The second one is my favorite, I love how you look in that one, maybe since it’s your hubby, you look pretty and glowing in it. I love the shoes and that you added the flower makes the whole outfit come together, love it. The last outfit is something that I would wear. I know what you mean about the shirt, some of mine do that too. You look cute though. Great casual week. Hope it cools off for you this week.

  2. You look ADORABLE! Love the comfy outfit! And the yellow shoes – MUCH better than bagels! And I LOVE the colored eyeshadow – looked great!

  3. Beautiful, casual outfits! I love those yellow stripey shoes. I am glad I found your blog…the title is catchy and super cute! Why buy new…make do. Love it.

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