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family room walls: rearranged {part 1}

i like pretty things. i like to look at pretty things. if things aren’t pretty, i feel like i need to make them so.

at first, i was pleased with how i decorated for spring/summer. mostly because i like my things and i needed some color. the randomness made me happy. but pinterest (darn you pinterest) can be one of those places where you realize your inadequacies. in a good way…of course. so look, we rent a crappy house and all i can really do is make the inside as appealing and happy as possible. so of course, pinterest inspires me but also makes me see what i can do differently.

our family room has a couple super large walls and all my things are small. so i felt like i needed to just FILL the walls with stuff. now you’re probably saying, ‘no, that looks fine.’ but really, i’ve never been the best at arranging accessories. i know what i think looks good but it doesn’t always work.

this is the couch wall before: the shelves are from IKEA and they are light and shallow. too small for this wall now that i look at it like this. i put everything up high to keep them away from little curious marshall hands, and that’s another problem with the placement.

this is the focal wall. aaaacccckkk…i just never liked this one. but the hoops i made are cute so i must have been blinded by the bright colors.

enter pinterest and the nester. i’ve seen nester’s family room before. i coveted the cool and neutral color scheme and white sofas but never could picture how i could use this in my house so i filed it in the back of my mind. i ran across this image the other day on pinterest and it hit me. i CAN do this transformation with what i already have.

and so i did.

honestly, it feels more mature and grown up. like i’ve actually put some thought into it.

a few things i did:
anchored everything over the couch
i moved these two red ikea tables from marshall’s room and switched them with the two birch ones we had in here before
hung just 1 shelf to hold a few little things
grouped square and round items together and threw symmetry out the window
hung a dollar store plate i’ve had forever with some hot glue and string

we take television pretty seriously in our house. whether you agree with it or not, it’s our entertainment. we don’t go out to movies, or to dinner, or to amusement parks so we pay for cable and netflix. our boys play video games and we play the wii together. marshall loves Team Oomi Zoomi and Curious George. he plays all the interactive games on his DVDs. matt and i anticipate our evening lineups after the kids are in bed.
the television is the center of our family room.
so when thinking of how to decorate above the tv…i figured that embracing it was the best idea.

it’s not perfect, but it’s kinda cool right?

vinyl you ask? nope. paper and a glue stick. i printed large letters in the colors i wanted. used a craft knife to cut them out and glued them to the wall. still wondering if i could mod-podge them. how do you get mod-modge off if we to ever move?

so there is part 1, two walls done.

what i’m working on now is the wall to the right of the tv and a possible picture collage like this on the lower wall by the recliner. once i finish those i will share the whole room!

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6 thoughts on “family room walls: rearranged {part 1}”

  1. This looks so bright and fresh and new. Way to go on rearranging it. I have had the same empty wall over my couch for 10 years now, can never decide what to do with it. You have a great eye for color.

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