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weekend in the sun: aquatic center

our weekend started off with an unplanned trip to the aquatic center. it’s basically the community pool but i live in a higher class town (geez i hate saying that, but it’s just a fact) so calling it a pool wouldn’t do it justice. it’s AWESOME!

it has a seperate section for the little kids with a water structure and different activities to do to get wet. there’s even a beach type section of this part which is where marshall spent most of his time.

it has a big huge water slide like the water parks have. it has another warm pool and a HUGE lap pool with 3 different height diving boards. it’s not just a pool. and in the summer, they show outdoor movies. maybe one day we’ll partake!

but for now we’ll enjoy the water.

so on my way home from work i get a text from hubby that gibson’s friends are going to the pool and i should take the boys. not exactly how i wanted to spend my friday after work but i can easily change my plans and my attitude. marshall had never been here so i knew it would be fun for him at this age.

here we go:

marshall is excited…he really is.

gibson doesn’t know i have the camera pointed at him.

this is the ‘beach’ part. it’s just basically gets gradually deeper as you go in. can you imagine him in slow motion running along the water line like some baywatch lifeguard??? yeah, i’m having a hard time picturing that only because this dude doesn’t know what slow means.

he liked the idea of the big spray of water that comes from the edge there but he’s like me and doesn’t like getting his face wet so he stayed far enough away that he didn’t actually get sprayed by it.

see….this is marshall’s idea of walking. we had to have a time out for this one.

he was pretty much a little slamander the whole time. just skimming along the edge. i had to carry him with me into the water structure. maybe next time will be easier on him. but not to worry, he was not lacking in the enjoyment department.

he’s perfectly happy like this!

as soon as gibson found his friends, we didn’t see him until he needed nachos.

day 2 is coming up next, then hopefully i can edit day 3 and 4 this week. it was a busy and fun weekend!

2 thoughts on “weekend in the sun: aquatic center”

  1. This would be a fun way to end the week and start the weekend. We have the big YMCA pool with all kinds of slides/splash park etc. for us. We go there a few times over summer. I love the one of Marshall running, that was my son all the time at that age. He was just so excited he didn’t know he wasn’t walking, he is still that way.

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