5 things

5 things i have never done

1) i have never read or seen any Harry Potter books or movies. wait…please don’t go! it’s just that i’m not into that kind of thing. i realize it’s a big deal for like…nearly everyone…it’s just that i’m not interested…AT ALL. but you’re more than welcome to enjoy it! please do! and you can make fun of me for loving Twilight. =)

2) i have never been out of the country. up until last year when we went to NY, i hadn’t been further east than New Mexico. i would love to travel to italy someday but my goal is to see this county first. when matt and i can travel, we want to see an NFL game in every stadium in the US. how FREAKING cool would that be?

3) i’ve never ridden a horse. not that i really want to….and that’s all i have to say about that.

4) i have never tried thai food. again, another one of those things that some people think is awesome but doesn’t appeal to me at all. i’m kind of a stick-to-the-things-i-like kinda girl. so sue me…i like to enjoy my food every time i eat it. food is extremely important to me so i HAVE to make sure it’s what i want and like. some people might find it boring to get three chicken tacos (on soft flour tortillas) with rice, cheese, lettuce and sour cream every time i eat at Chipotle, with pinto beans on the side, chips and quac and a coke…but i know it will be super yummerific!

5) i have never played tennis…but this is something i ACTUALLY want to do! i bought a racket last spring in the hopes of snagging one of the courts at the park by our house but it just never happened. i WANT to learn and i WANT to play. it’s on my list so i MUST accomplish this one.


what are some things you haven’t done yet? tell me about it or blog about it!

4 thoughts on “5 things i have never done”

  1. Our cousin Debbie took me to an amazing Thai restaurant in Livermore when I was going through my divorce. Maybe it was the company, but it was really good…and that is the only time I have had it. Scared to try somewhere else…

    I also have not done any of the Harry Potter hoopla…and I seem to be ok because of it…

  2. This was fun to read and I have some of the same answers as you do. I feel exactly the same way about #1 and #4 as you do. I order the same food every time we go out, I always say why mess with something that’s already good and works for me. My hubby is a die-hard Harry Potter fan though, so he’s on his own in our house.

    As for #2 I’ve never wanted to go out of the country, no desire really to go that far. I would love to see Hawaii though. There is just a couple states I’d like to visit but otherwise there’s no place like home. Your idea to see all the games/stadiums is awesome and I bet a lot of people would agree to that one.

    #3 funny thing is horses are my favorite animal and I have ridden on them and would love to have a ranch and live in the country with them. My hubby would garden while I ride horses along with the kids.

    #5 I like tennis and play whenever I can which isn’t often enough for me. I don’t really play a game but me and the hubby or the kids hit the ball back and forth and I do ok. It’s a great workout from chasing down the balls. My hubby and I would play all the time if we didn’t have the kids though. Trust me on this GO PLAY THIS WEEKEND PUT IT ON YOUR LIST TO DO ASAP!!1 I always put it off then come winter and I’m sorry we didn’t do it often enough. So promise me you will try this weekend and I bet you will have fun and lots of laughs.

    This was fun to read and play along. I will try to do this on my blog too.

  3. Ok – I’m a little late here. I constantly remind myself that its good that different people have different interests. When I was younger I would have seriously argued some of your points, how do you know if you never tried it… etc. But then I remember that just because I want to try all sorts of foods and have the desire to travel anywhere and everywhere doesn’t mean that everyone does. Although, even with food, the first few times a go to a new place, I try different things, but then I usually settle on a favorite and almost always order it — I miss Chipotle!! (three steak tacos, w/lettuce, pico de gallo, light cheese, and guac)

    And… I know I am not the least bit interested in playing World of Warcraft even though my I’ve never done it, and my husband plays it all the time… so I guess we all have out things and I just need to not worry that you have no interest in HP even though I can’t fathom how that could be possible. 🙂

    Thanks for getting me thinking! And I may steal this idea for my own blog!

  4. you are not alone, I get the same thing thing at chipolte every time i go! chicken burrito with rice, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream and cheese. thats all she wrote! Thai food is yummy tho, if you ever want to try it I would stick with a red curried chicken and some yummy jasmine rice, or pad thai :). It makes me happy to see another twi-fan!

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