retrohipmama style: week 19

a few good outfits this week and a few bummers. but overall, my week before vacation and some chillin’ at home vacation outfits are what’s in store this week.


the pic is crappy…so sorry. the shorts are a brown and pink plaid. i wore a brown tank over a white tee and decided to make a leap and wear my brown and pink polka dot heels. i never thought i could pull it off together but i think it worked. i wore them for the client meeting a had and then i changed into brown flip-flops at lunch. super comfy for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was a not-so-awesome day so we’ll skip right over it.


this outfit came together like magic. the night before i received a box of gifted tops from a sweet friend. in it was this amazing top. the sleeves are cut at the perfect place for my arms and the color (white and tan pin strips) gave me a fabulous idea.

the color of my new brown belt felt very familiar. i rummaged through my shoe rack to find that i had a pair of slip on heels of the same shade. eeeexcellent.

and of course, my handmade earrings from rhi jewelry. aaaand the lovely vacuum in the background.


ahhh, sunday. day 3 of vacation and i made this knock-off shirt (yes, it’s wide ruled paper) and got to go to the scrapbook store. it was hoooottttt and this was the perfect outfit for driving and shopping. i will reveal the shirt tutorial next week. hehe, super excited about that.


another day of errands and running around, football practice and a visit to our 97 year old grama’s house for birthday dessert.

See ya over at Real Momma, Real Style, No Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: week 19”

  1. Girl! You got leeeegs, you know how to use them! LoL I’m JEALOUS! I have sad little stumps and I want to wear cute shorts too!! You look beautiful as always my dear and the vacuum really makes the whole post even radder!

  2. You are rockin the outfits again my friend!!! I think the second day outfit is my favorite, looks great on you and love the earrings. I can’t wait to see how you did that cool shirt, hope it’s easy to make. All the outfits rock and even on vacation you look cute. makes me want to go shopping!!

  3. Forgot to mention your hair, the color of it looks great and you always style it so pretty. I also like when you take a picture of your profile for your hair/earrings photos.

  4. seriously?! how the h$LL did i miss that shirt until now?! that’s totally flippin’ awesome. can’t wait to see how you made it.. you are good with the teasers i’m telling ya! 🙂

    ps. paint chip garland is FABULOUS!!! 🙂

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