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my fickle phases

what’s up with my lack of craftiness lately? why am i feeling like i couldn’t even fathom looking at a bobbin? why can’t my brain do what my heart wants it to do…there’s so much i want to create!

ohhhhh…riiiiight. it’s because of these:

well not these pictures specifically but i spent all last week taking pictures of every darn thing in our lives for my WEEK in the LIFE project and i’m up to my eyeballs in digital photos and templates and words and thoughts and fonts and i really can’t do anything else creative right now. and honestly, it kinda bums me out.

i want to embroider and make myself a mug run for my desk and hem marshall’s pants into shorts and scrap some more of the supplies i bought last week and ahhhhhhhh! my heart needs to make magic with a sewing machine but my brain says (in a nerdy nasally kind of voice) “um, excuse me ma’am but we’re over here trying to finish a project, can you focus please?”

but i know this about myself.
i know i get into phases.
it happens with music: i once listened to only Vampire Weekend for like 3 months straight and am still thoroughly enjoying Fleetwood Mac on an almost daily basis
food: i would eat a jalapeno bagel with cream cheese everyday if i could
crafts: i did only embroidery projects for several weeks, then wanted to do nothing but sew
sometimes i just cling to something and don’t let go. it happens…sue me. =)

i am truly enjoying putting together my WITL album. i truly am. once i get the journaling elements to add my words and thoughts i will be at the homestretch. and i will not wait a year to have the pages printed…i just won’t.

but this weekend…i will step away from the photoshop.
i swear it…i’ll do it.
i will sew something or organize something or just freaking look at something other than pictures on a screen.
because i think as much as my brain says “um…hello? task at hand ma’am.”, i will follow my heart and make something that will make me smile.

hope you can all step away from something that’s holding you back from making yourself smile, whatever it is.
just go on and do it…then blog about it! =)

smiles, andrea

1 thought on “my fickle phases”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    So happy to hear your working on WITL it is a very long and time committed project for sure. I’m still printing out pictures and thinking of what way to record it all. With the kids home and me tired at night this will not be put together till after they are in school though. Can’t wait to see yours, i’m sooo excited.

    Yes, you should walk away from WITL this weekend and you deserve a break to play with some other crafty projects. I’m still working on the paper tshirt idea. So far only neon fabric markers and no white shirt like yours, might have to get a undershirt from men’s dept.
    Hope your first week back to work is going ok. hugs dawn

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