21 day challenge, fashion

21 day challenge: day 8 (fancy + casual)

hey folks and happy monday!

hope you weren’t too bummed with no fashion posts from me this weekend…yeah i kinda barely get dressed on the weekends so i didn’t participate in day s 6 (unconventional) or 7 (layered accessories). sorta glad cause i probably woulda sucked at both of them.

aaaaany-hoo…i’m back on the wagon and am feeling GOOD about today’s challenge and actually this whole week really!

today we’re mixing fancy and casual. not something i typically do. fancy requires all things fancy and casual…well…you know…i have NEVER worn a necklace with a plain tee although i see gals that do and i go…”why the heck don’t i do that?”

so today i’m doing it…stepping out of yet another box and loving it!

casual: plain black tank, jeans, star studded belt, chucks
fancy: shrug, necklace (made by me), side ponytail, fabric button ring (also made by me), pink bracelet

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