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project.fiftytwophotos.weeks 26 – 33 [catch up]

it’s been quite a summer! lots of water fun, family gatherings and lazy days. this doesn’t mean i’ve been slacking on taking my P52 photos…just posting them.

you ready for 8 weeks in fast forward? heeeeere we go!

week 26: this is marshall’s new smile. cheeeese!

week 27: getting in some drills, routes and sprints before conditioning camp. he ended up not making the team so these pics and knowing how good he looked out there with us makes these a little more sentimental.

week 28: gibson’s first mow!

week 29: marshall loves to ride the “horr-iss” outside of the dollar store. for 25 cents…it’s cheap fun!

week 30: gibson rolled his ankle during conditioning and had to be on crutches for 5 days.

week 31: those eyes and freckles. mmm. he let me snap this one. kinda wish he smiled but i gotta be happy with what he’ll let me get.

week 32: snuggle time on the hammock with my little marsh-man

week 33: gibson’s first day of fifth grade. next year he’ll be in middle school. yikes!

feels good to be caught up on that project. i’m still behind in Project Life. this weekend i developed all the pics from May so i’m catching up slowly.

hope everyone has a good week!

2 thoughts on “project.fiftytwophotos.weeks 26 – 33 [catch up]”

  1. Great pictures of the boys, love their smiles, freckles. That’s good your catching up and wish you luck on those and your PL ones too. I did a lot of catch-ups last year but this year I try so hard to only let a few weeks go by before making myself sit and just get it done. It is a big commitment and time-consuming but love the end result. Wish I could send you little picture fairies to finish it for you, lol

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