me lately and what’s ahead

thanks to kristy for motivating and inspiring me to get my list makin’ face on! this my friends, is what’s been up lately.

reading: just finished The Help. cried my eyes out at the end. like, actually bawled in my bed. wiping tears. heart pumping. longing for so many things. heart broken. heart filled.

moving on to a book on loan from a friend. My Best Friend’s Girl.  not only is it the name of my favorite song by The Cars…the cover is super cute. apparently it’s another crier book…and i’m okay with that. i enjoy the book that allows me to see myself in other fictional characters and figure out if there’s anything i can change about myself. make myself better. i like to grow.


laughing: at marshall’s funny little personality. he’s nearly four and man alive he’s his dad already. sarcasm runs deep in this family and he’s got it. it’s apparent that both boys have the funnies…remembering gibson’s talent show act from the year before last. he actually started it by tapping the mic and asking “is thing on?” hoping he wants to do it again this year!

listening to: JAZZY LADIES playlist. it’s a mix of newer chicks who have a jazzy vintage sound. somethin’ about a good horn section just does so much for my soul. i swear i wasn’t meant to be born during this time of crap music that’s out today so i tend to fall back on favorites like Tom Petty, The Doobie Brothers, CCR, Dean Martin, Fleetwood Mac, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, The Beatles and Elvis. the classics are classic because they’re just good. but now that retro is back i’m finding great new artists with that feeling of the days i wasn’t blessed to know myself.
here’s a little sample of what’s been in my ears lately:

wearing: trying new things. getting out of my comfort zones and same ole’ outfits routine. but let me tell you…i am looking forward to cardis, long sleeved sweaters and knee high socks.
watching: big brother 12. yep. it’s a total time suck but we love it. can’t help it and i am not ashamed. but looking forward to new seasons of Parks and Rec, Community, Mike & Molly and Two and a Half Men. also gonna try a few new shows like PanAm, Alcatraz, Whitney and The New Girl.
eating: peaches and nectarines. craving them actually. so i bought a big box of yellow nectarines. peaches will be next so we can can a bunch for next year.
craving: the new ROLO McFlurry from McDonald’s. hot dang that’s a good treat!
getting ready for: preparing for my all girls fantasy football league. we draft on tuesday and i’m so ready! so excited to be able to have a little fun with some other football lovin’ chicks. plus this year we can afford Sunday Ticket so yes…i will be flippin’ through games like a dude. sundays are made for rest…and football.
change of plans: did i mention that we’re not doing football this year? yeah, and we’re okay with that. gonna focus on school…like hard. this is gibson’s last year of elementary and he really needs to be prepared for middle school. we’re also gonna see about acting. he’s got the bug and he’s already got some pretty awesome works under his belt doing skits and projects with matt and he’s also done a couple stand up routines at the school talent show. we figure we ought to let him find something else that he enjoys and is good at. i’ve also enrolled him in HIGH 5. it’s a fifth grade group at our church and they do all sorts of activities thru the fall and winter.
everyday: i started drinking cherry coke again. forget the zero crap. i want my dang coke and i want it to taste like coke. just 1 per day. either in the morning with a jalepeno bagel or at lunch. only 1 and i’m okay with that.
working on: a few things. 1) focusing more on the boys and not so much on the tasks in front of me.  2) gettin’ my craft swag back. i go thru spurts and i’m telling myself that i’m just storing up all these ideas and projects for when it’s rainy out.  3) keeping gibson focused and organized this school year. we try so many things that don’t work or stick so it’s my goal to keep this up.  4) doing more learning things with marshall. we like puzzles and he’s very patient there. we’ve begun letter worksheets and that’s a slow process. not rushing it. he’s got mad computer skills and likes to play games on nick jr so i want to encourage him there too.  5) making better food choices for matt. he wants to eat better so i need to put better things in the house. i’m enjoying preparing the grapes and fruit for him so it’s an easy snack.
what’s up in your world?
smiles, andrea

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