21 day challenge, fashion

21 day challenge: day 11 (wear a skirt or dress)

dress or skirt…too easy kayla. j/k!

it was nice to not have to think too much about my outfit though. i’ve never worn this combo so at least i’m still mixing it up.

and a little secret…i was a day ahead. i couldn’t do the monochrome challenge  on day 9 and for day 10’s challenge to wear a closet orphan, i just couldn’t decide.  seeing that day 11’s challenge was dress or skirt i figured hey, i’ll do that on wednesday so that on thursday i can wear jeans for day 12’s challenge since i have a client meeting on friday…(again not allowing me to wear jeans for 2 fridays in a row). bummer. so i’m just a little wacky for this week…are you confused yet?

oh and as i was driving to work i noticed the sun was coming up through some beautiful clouds. simply an awesome sight. so of course i pulled into a small parking lot and put my camera on the hood of my car and setup my self timer.  i may have looked silly to the random car that came into the lot…but i didn’t care.

white linen dress: walmart $12 (originally bought to wear when i was pregnant in 2007)
yellow cardi: target
yellow/white striped wedges: payless $11 (got them a few months ago…they might still have some in stock)
belt and necklace: random

2 thoughts on “21 day challenge: day 11 (wear a skirt or dress)”

  1. You are so awesome girlfriend. I love that you pulled over and took a self timer picture because the sun was just right. Even the pose is awesome, instead of just looking at the camera you made it better by doing a fun pose. Your outfit is so perfect with the background and sunlight, way to go on this challenge. It’s been fun seeing you pick out your outfits for the challenges, keep up the good work.

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