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21 day challenge: day 16 (menswear) + day 19 (wear something on your head)

honestly it’s getting hard to wear what kayla’s telling me to. i’m running out of new ideas and i kinda just feel like wearing what i feel like that day…even though i am making an effort.

yesterday’s challenge was menswear…kinda didn’t know where to go with this one.
my hubby works from home in his gym shorts so a tie was out.
i already wore my pinstripe vest so that wasn’t an option.
screw it…i wanted to wear the new earring i made to go with this coral shirt and i was just gonna roll with that. then i realized that i have a flower clip that matches/goes with this blue/brown/coral color theme so i pulled that off my clip ribbon.

then it dawned on me…there’s a challenge coming up to ‘wear something on your head’! awesome. i will do that challenge now instead and just post it later. but wait…i hadn’t figured out what shirt i was wearing over this tank…since it’s a thin strap and i was going to work. AHA! i have a button up. that’s kinda menswear…even if it is cut and shaped for a woman.

BAM! two challenges in one again and i ain’t one bit guilty. 

see the earrings? they are old buttons from my mom’s collection/stash, hot glued to some clip-on backings i bought at michael’s. perfect and super quick!

this is one of my many flower clips. i wear them in my hair a lot but i also wear them on belts.

only a few more days of this challenge and i’m gonna slow down on the fashion posts for a while. im getting back into my crafty groove now that it’s cooler weather and i can actually be in my garage (where my craft room is). once fall starts and i am wearing some different pieces, i’ll post more about my different outfits. i’m looking forward to tube socks when it cools down.

what fall/winter clothing item(s) are you most excited about?


2 thoughts on “21 day challenge: day 16 (menswear) + day 19 (wear something on your head)”

  1. I can’t wait until it gets cooler so I can wear my button up long sleeve shirts with slacks… easiest work wear ever!

  2. I really like all the color you have in this outfit, so pretty!! Good for you doing 2 challenges together also. I like the clip in your hair and your earrings also, so crafty you are.

    My sister and I use to wear my step-dads clothes in high school, we would sneak them out after he left for work then put them back before he got home. One day my sister forgot and wore perfume that day and he smelled it and figured out it was us. Thankfully he didn’t care like we thought he would and as long as we put them back he was ok about it.

    I’m looking forward to buying some new jeans and sweatshirts in my new size. While shopping with my girls over the weekend their was 2 whole outfits in the mall that I liked and might go back and get. I like the idea of buying a whole set and knowing it all goes together. I love my slippers too and warm socks.

    Looking forward to your fall fashion shows for us. Have a good day.

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