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marshall lately

a surprise to me…marshall wanted me to take pictures of him while i was taking pics of my new wreath on the door. i snapped away while he made faces and put his hand up in front of the camera like his brother does. i was happy that i got some really great shots and looked forward to scrapping them in the future. but at dinner i got the idea of making a list of all the funny things about him lately and using the pics to go along.

my little marsh-man will be 4 in just over a month. feeling like the time hasn’t flown by. i think i’ve been present in watching him (and gibson) grow. every moment has been new and different and i’m thankful for each adventure. i never want to say that it wooshed by. i want to remember all the things they do…and here’s what marshall’s been like lately.

he’s been watching peppa pig, thomas: day of the diesel and pocoyo

he gives us the evil eye when he’s mad

he addresses us as “parents” instead of mommy and daddy

asks us to see the weather on our phones multiple times a day. he can read the temps too!

he’s convinced that he can’t eat grapes or strawberries until he’s “much older”

in the stores, he wants to be “a good boy walking” instead of getting in the cart.

every knock-knock joke results with him being who’s there.

starts all counting at zero. if i start at one, he gets frustrated and starts back at zero.

life is good.

the boys are amazing little dudes.

as we creep toward the end of another year, i am reminded of this and am thankful for 8 more years with Gibson and 14 more with Marshall in our home.

4 thoughts on “marshall lately”

  1. awww you read my mind mommy to two handsome boys. I was going to do this next week with my kids. So glad you did this!!

    He is seriously cute and funny, the girls will love him and he will love the attention I’m sure. These are so much better then the posed pictures. I love reading about him and what he’s up too at this stage. They change so fast so it’s good to get down while you can remember. He’s wearing my favorite thing on boys, cutoffs and white shirt, yep did that to Sam daily when he was little. Now of course he won’t wear that. He seems like one smart dude too on getting out of eating his fruit, haha that one made me laugh.

    Oh how you teach me about motherhood in big ways. Instead of saying time flies you actually are in the present where they are and enjoying who they are right now and not who they were months/years ago or going to be later. I’ve never for a minute saw it this way. I’m always going in the past and in the future. I think time flies by on a daily basis in our house. You are right though you have watched them and been there every step of the way growing with them. Good for you mama!! You are an awesome mom!!

    I will try and do that more often with my kids too. Will do this next week for my kids!!

  2. I had to laugh when you put peppa pig, because lately that is all my daughter is watching! like right this moment. You have a smart kind on your hands. Love how he likes to check the weater, how cute is that! good job mama! Love the post.

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