wild weekend

after a crappy and very stressful workweek, i wanted to relax for my 2 days off before coming back to the potential crap i left behind. what i knew was that we’d have some much need time with our good friends and it would involve a couple hours out at a local pub, football and scrapbooking. but here’s what i didn’t know:

how much i would LOVE thor. matt did. he and gibson saw it in the theater over the summer and he knew i’d love it. i’m one of those chicks who digs on the superhero stuff. my hubs is a lucky man.

that he still fit into the rams jersey that dons 50% of marshall’s namesake.

how badly matt and i needed catch up time with the roberts’. 3 captain and cokes in and we were still talking about our kids! (it just involved louder volumes and more frequent curse words).

that when we left the bar just after midnight we’d see a dead body on the other side of the street. kinda morbid, i know. i’m sorry. but our little city witnessed a homicide on saturday night and i’m still kinda weirded out. a bum stabbed a teenager who was walking home. very little details are out but it’s just something that doesn’t happen here. we’ve had on average 2 per year. we even went 5 years without any murders at all. i feel safe here. i still do. but this confirms two theories that matt and i have stuck to for ever: 1) this is why we tend to stay home and 2) nothing good happens after midnight.

how much better it feels to be a true dark brunette. it’s october and officially time to darken my hair for the winter. i LOVE going black but this year i opted for very dark brown. actually ended up with a garnier color called sweet cola. maybe when i’m craving the real stuff i can just look at my hair and smile instead of having a coke and smile.

that i would trample both my fantasy football opponents this week. sorry jenn and sarah, if you’re reading this, i still love ya ladies! after all the sunday games, i am up over 80 points in 1 league and over 40 in another. the 40 point difference could still be a close one with tomorrow’s game. fingers crossed that Tampa Bay hands off to LaGarrette Blount more than they pass to Mike Williams. crazy matchups this week!

that i’d be pleased as punch to get 2 pages done with cheri today. the theme today was strips of paper and i LOVED it!

that cheri and i would end up with not 1 but 2 of the same pairs of shoes from our trip to target. i mean really? we pretty much have the same style, mostly. but she’s looking for boots and i spotted some felt like grey flats with a cute flower on the toe. i try them on, close the lid and pop them into our mutual cart. head back over to where her and marshall are looking at another pair of shoes and we wander up the next isle together. she browses the flats and picks up the pair i just mentioned, saying she needs some grey shoes. “OMG, i just grabbed those!” She tries them on and loves them! she mentioned it was okay since we live 3 hours from each other. i agreed. then it happpned again but she found a pair of mary jane type heels in grey and they are freaking cute! of course i see them in black and squeal in delight because i’ve been looking for a replacement to my pointy-toed heels that just don’t ‘go’ anymore. so there you have it…we bought two pairs of the same shoes. may sound lame but it was exciting to us.

how freeing it was for matt when gibson mowed the entire back and front lawns. it’s a new chapter in our lives. =) first the garbages, now the lawns. pretty soon i’m gonna have him chauffeuring me around town.

that i would allow gibson to get a freaking hamster. oh boy…i hope this turns out good!

so that’s my unexpected weekend. anything cool or crazy happen to you guys lately?

1 thought on “wild weekend”

  1. Wow you really did have a crazy wild weekend. I think you needed a little wild to get you pepped up again. How awful about the dead body though, very creeepy. We don’t go out late at night either for that reason, always worried about some dumb driver out there.
    Hooray for 2 pairs of shoes, I would be excited too!! Way to go on kicking butt in the football games, my hubby is either #1 or #2 after tonight’s game, Will ask him who he wants and hope you both win!!

    Oh boy a hamster, you are going to love him. We did the whole hamster thing for our kids too. They are fun when you get a nice friendly one. We’ve had one that hissed and would bite so we returned him. Do not let Marshall near the cage or the door though if it gets out could get hurt. What did he name him/her??

    Love that your hair will be dark brown, very pretty!

    We had a good weekend, soccer got canceled yesterday so we spent it outdoors looking for fall leaves. IT’s freeeezing here and lots of rain. I did a cute and positive post on it so read it when you can.

    My sweet hubby is staying home today and we are going to Red Lobster for lunch!! It’s still raining and windy so no outside fun for us today.
    Enjoy your week!

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