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5 more projects from pinterest

oh i love a rainy night..oo..oo. can you name that song? huh? virtual hi-5 if you guess! but with rainy nights come dreary days and i just might need yellow mason jars to perk up my mood.


almost makes me feel ashamed that my soap bottle is nekked. must change that. everyone needs a cute apron, right?


ribbon + elastic? uh…obviously. and i’ll probably end up making like 5.


you know this is adorable. i might replace the ‘shrooms with a puddle or some cute rain boots and a umbrella on the ground. hmmm…we’ll see.


not exactly sure where to find doilies…dollar store maybe? but i have some empty canvases that are begging for something cute like this.

Pinned Image


so…whatcha got goin’ on in your world. if it’s rainy in your neck of the woods…whatcha gonna do with all your indoor time?

5 thoughts on “5 more projects from pinterest”

  1. can you make five bracelets for me too? 🙂

    you can get doilies at family dollar… if you have one near you.. but i THINK those are hambly rub ons. think. i very well could be wrong! 🙂 you can get paper doilies at micheals & joanns in the cake decorating section! 🙂

    i need to bring out my pinterest to do board & share it! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh I NEED NEED those mason jars for my yellow kitchen. love them with the flowers!! All of these are so cute and so YOU!! I bet you will make 5 bracelets and the canvas is so ME. I’ve never seen something like that but now I WANT ONE NOW!!

    Love it when you share goodies with us! Oh and I know that song trying to remember is it Bob Seger ?? Trying to sing it now, it’s been awhile but I do love that song. We have sunshine finally for us, almost forgot how good it feels.

    Happy Wednesday.

  3. oh man, I have TONS of stuff to paint. I need to paint the darn overhang in my backyard…yeah, thought I’d do it over the summer, and it just didn’t happen. (too hot!) now the rain snuck up on me! so will try to sand like a mad woman this weekend! I have a lamp to paint. Frames to paint. side table to paint. darn bean bag chair need to sew {STILL}…yeah that’s right! still! Still sitting on my living room floor! ugh. Think I could pay someone $20 to sew it for me? BAHAHA! I have 3 sessions to finish editing, 2 weddings I second-shot for, I’d love to paint a dresser too. I’ve got PLENTY to do this winter! whoo hoo!

  4. thank you for leaving me the artist of that song on my blog, was going to email you today and ask you. I was way off, lol.

    I love how you always have quotes from movies and lyrics here for us, just another reason I love you and your blog so much, not creepy of course. Just so DANG COOL!!

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