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when life gives you rain, stitch it

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~Roger Miller

this quote reminds me: at a confusing and embarrassing time in my life, a wise friend once told me that “for some people, the birds sing. and for the rest of us, the birds poop on our cars.” her words have stayed in my head for years and i often am reminded that we just have to deal with the lot we’re given. most times it turns out to be a lesson learned so i tend to embrace the bird ‘stuff’. i know that i can wash my car and that makes me feel better.

in honor of embracing what life dishes out…this little number will hang in my house beginning in december to remind me that the rain is good for so many things. to remind me how amazing God is and all he has created. to remind me that rain falls to cleanse, not to drown. to remind me to put the umbrella down and get wet.

G UESS WHAT?? This piece is for sale at my etsy shop! You want it? There’s only 1 but I will make a custom order!

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5 thoughts on “when life gives you rain, stitch it”

  1. great job on this, came out so cute and perfect for that story of yours. my mom has said something along those lines too. glad to see you looking on the bright side of it. like the colors and the puddles.

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