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more fabric flowers!

hey ya’ll! how’s it goin’?

i’m kinda excited about these flower belts i made recently. joann’s was having a grand opening sale and all fat quarters were 99 cents! yeah, pretty sweet deal right? so i busted out my trusty old hot glue gun and went to work. i tried to branch out and make different flowers and shapes than i have in my other belt and i was pretty happy with the outcome!

aaaaanyhoo…just wanted to share them with you in case you missed ’em in my fashion post this week. 

started with 4 coordinating fat quarters and a set of buttons.

and it turned into this! voila! 

and this set…

turned into this!

so if you’re wondering how i get them to clip on, you’re in luck! once i’m done layering and gluing everything into place, i cut a i.5 inch tall and long enough to not be seen from the front, strip of felt and hot glue it to the back. then i take basic hair clips and glue those to the felt backing. now i can clip them to belts, sashes and even my hair!

i’m considering making some more and selling them in my etsy store along with my other items…why not right?

but i’m certainly gonna link these babies up over at boerman rambling for tuesday treasury!

4 thoughts on “more fabric flowers!”

  1. i LOVE these things & totally wish i had the guts to pull them off.. flat straight hair makes everything look like a hat from a royal wedding. no joke! 🙂 i totally say you put some of these bad boys up in your shop! 🙂

  2. those are adorable. and congrats on the etsy store!!! those rings are awesome. i love big rings because I feel like my hands look old. probably all the typing!!!

    congrats again.

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