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silverwhat? hook it up!

when my folks gave me their old silverware, i knew exactly what i wanted to do with them.

a quick couple coats of spray paint and i had kitchen themed hooks.

i also did this little project at the same time. i painted this frame yellow and painted the silverware red.

i painted the tops of the nails red too and just nailed them on after drilling holes thru the metal. i broker a drill bit and oops…forgot to tell the hubby. ii think it needs a little touch up but hey, who’s lookin’.

since i did this, i’ve added a few more letters. they are covered in fabric and will do a post on them soon.

2 thoughts on “silverwhat? hook it up!”

  1. oh my goodness these are sooooo cute!! I love your little coke collection and little baskets underneath. What a great use for their silverware, you are so clever!! Also like the red ones with the yellow frame too, very cool!!

  2. I just noticed your blog header is NEW AND COLORFUL AND CUTE!! I love what you did!!! Need to spruce up my blog, it needs some color!!

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