move more eat well

move more eat well

i’m not on a diet.
i’m not on a health kick.
i’m not trying to drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

i’m a 31 year old mommy with a tummy, thighs that touch, arms that jiggle and a rear that gravity has gotten a hold of.

and i don’t want to look like this anymore. it’s getting harder to hide these parts. and i know as i get older, it will be harder to get them to leave.

so i’m changing. sacrificing. thinking. deciding. moving.

i’m motivated. sure, sure. but i know how this goes. “i’m gonna start working out again!” after day 2, there’s an excuse. there’s shows to watch. facebook to check. blogs to read. what.ever. but this time is different! no i’m serious, don’t laugh! i have support. i have accountability. i have a reason.

it’s them. first, my hubby is on a mission to drop a serious amount of weight in a real smart and steady way. no magic here folks. i mean i feel like my parents in a way. we’re measuring food. tracking our meals and exercise on our different fitness apps. really makin’ it happen. and we both want to be more active and healthier for the boys. that’s obvious.

but here’s where i struggle. well, there’s two places:

food is meant to be enjoyed, not just for fuel. that’s how i think. i have emotional attachments to food. i’m not gonna lie. i am particular about how and where and what i eat. it must be fully enjoyed. all the time. period.

so i am going to make good choices without depriving myself. like, i can have a cherry coke on sunday during football. i can have a donut on friday morning. i can eat cheez-its during a late night movie. but not everyday. and when i am eating my normal everyday foods, i’ll be making smarter choices. plain and simple. oh and less sugar. waaaay less sugar. i have always brought something sweet back to the office with me after lunch. now, it’s an apple or clementines or maybe some kettle corn or something like that. making better choices. not bending over backwards and eating tofu and seaweed. YUK. just better choices.

i like lists and charts and projects. obviously. i also know that i get super excited, then burned out and then i quit. so, any time i decide to workout or “get fit” i make charts and pretty things to fill out so i can track how much water i’m drinking and all that stuff. but i will not do that this time. i know myself and i know i won’t finish it or keep up with it and then that will lead to burn out and epic failure. been there. done that. not doing it again.

but what i am doing, is this!

because it’s easy. i plug in my foods and my exercises and it keeps me actively looking at what i ate and how that’s either getting me to my goal or not. the app is on my phone too and it’s all synced together. i can enter my breakfast on my computer at work, then come home for lunch and enter my food on my phone. now that’s magic. hey if you get signed up with, look me up…retrohipmama!

it works for me. it keeps me accountable. it’s manageable and doesn’t take up more time that i just don’t have. i used to spend a ton of time planning how i would exercise and organizing how i would track it. no wonder i never actually did it. i ran out of time and energy.

but goodness how badly i want to follow along with the lovely and newly slender cathy zeilske on her new adventure.


she’s offering a class with scrapbook templates and all kinds of  eye pleasing colors and it’s like i almost can’t resist. i almost thought of asking for this class for christmas over some stacked rings with my kids names engraved in them. but i can’t. i can do this without the pretty templates. not that i want to. but i don’t need them. i can do this without them. i hope to still follow her progress, what an inspiration she’s been. and funny, that girl is a hoot! i even loved her idea so much that i drew it on the chalkboard in our kitchen to help keep us focused.

so anyways, i guess what i’m saying is that i’m putting it out there.


who knows if i’ll post about it often. i may even post pictures of my progress. not sure yet. maybe quick and easy foods i enjoyed. would you want to see workouts i like?

we’ll see!

until next time, i’ll be dancin’ on the treadmill…peace out ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “move more eat well”

  1. I’m SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU GIRL!! you are doing it the right way, the smart way and the way that works. YIPPPEE for your hubby also joining in, always better with a partner and as a couple….cheering for both of you….. one day at a time…. little changes lead to big changes… happy for you both….it is a daily commitment and I’m still fighting for it…. Cathy ROCKS SHE IS THE BEST….. hoping to join this class in the new year also…… she is the one that got me outdoors and walking the track….. I thank her everyday…… just know that if we were closer I’d be walking with you and play tennis and more especailly since you live where it’s waaaay warmer.
    JUST FOR THE RECORD THOUGH YOU ARE A HOTTIE ALREADY AND TINY!!! But it’s good to be healthy and live healthy !!!

    hugs and best wishes

  2. GOOD for you mama!! You inspire me!! I love my sweets, but I’m noticing that booty of mine that my hubbs always thought was so fab…is not so fab anymore!! LoL But more importantly it’s like you said, it’s not for the “check me out” factor, it’s for the health factor, and I don’t like feeling tired and out of shape!

  3. My husband and I used the My Fitness Pal and we lost quite a bit of weight. It’s about the only way I found to lose weight and keep it off! Good luck!

  4. good for you! we are working our way in that direction. i cut out all soda at home, but don’t make myself feel guilty if i have one when we go out to eat. i’m working on phasing out processed foods, because i think there is so much unhealthy crap in there, im sure all those preservatives contribute to weight gain as well as inability to lose weight. i haven’t blogged about it yet… i’m trying out all the ‘recipes’ to replace those store bought things we enjoy before i do 🙂 trying to replace all our white flour with wheat flour & white pasta with whole wheat.. it’s nothing you can do over night, and regardless of the outcome.. you are beautiful! 🙂
    i’ve used fitness pal in the past.. and loved how it kept me accountable. counting calories has never worked for me… i so wish it did. my body has it’s own agenda! i’m trying to work towards ‘clean eating’…

    and seriously!? i have birthday money and i’ve been trying to narrow down just which set of stacking rings i’d like from etsy! it’s between these three…

    which are you looking at?

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