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waaaaaaaaaasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup? (hi-five if you yelled it like the old budwieser commercials). sooo, it’s been awhile since i did a lately list. it’s about time and since i haven’t had anything to post about in a couple weeks, i figured i’d let you know i didn’t fall off the earth. evenings have been filled with homework and little boy playing. now that it’s darker earlier, i feel like our nights just come to an abrupt stop and then it’s bedtime. gotta figure out how to transition so we can still enjoy the time we have on the clock.

so here are some of the things that have been taking up real estate in my mind.

reading: breaking dawn to get prepped for the movie. i never remember the details because it’s been so long since i read the books. at the point i am typing this, it will be 24 hours before we get in line for Part 1. eeeeeeekkkkkk!

obsessing: she&him. and i mean completely obsessing. i haven’t gone a day without listening to this duo. the bouncy 60’s feel makes me want to do the swim! (and i do…shhhhh). jalepeno bagel with cream cheese. photo projects. making christmas gifts. hot apple cider.

listening to: other than she&him, i’m loving my FEEL GOOD playlist. it’s always making me feel…well…GOOD! and i am not ashamed to be listening to christmas music already. i picked up the new michael buble christmas cd and she&him has a christmas album too. when the weather gets chilly, i just wanna hear dean martin sing baby, it’s cold outside. don’t hate…celebrate.

baking/making: not pies. not cookies. not cupcakes. nope. non of these things because matt is trying to lose a lot of weight and i am trying to lose a little weight. if i eat a cupcake, it shows. if i make cookies, matt would be too tempted and i don’t want him to struggle with this adventure we’re on. he’s doing soooo good!

looking forward to: an upcoming 3-day weekend, then a 2-day work week and another 5 days off. taking friday off for a fun girls day of starbucks, breaking dawn, and a mexican food filled lunch. thanksgiving with a dear buddy of ours. getting caught up on project life. i’m editing/printing july pictures now. sooo much happened in july that it’s taking me awhile. being done with ‘a week in our life’. still chugging along on the last day. christmas. i will probably start decorating for christmas during football on thanksgiving. that’s how excited i am! cutting down our christmas tree and getting back to that tradition. my very first photo shoot of people who i didn’t give birth to.

want to accomplish: a week in our life project. my december calendar. working out AT ALL. more handmade christmas gifts. making business cards for my blog and design business. getting my design page completed. finishing the transfer from free wordpress blog to paid wordpress blog.

watching: 2 broke girls, two and a half men, mike & molly, hart of dixie, the sing off, parks & rec, the big bang theory and new girl.

missing: my morning cherry coke. lost. my backyard. scrap nights with my girls. a baby boy to lay on my shoulder. cratiness. i’ve had burn out and have really been focusing on photo projects. hoping to share more stuff with you guys.

so what have you been up to lately? 

3 thoughts on “drea lately”

  1. I love these latelys! might post one as well! um….less then 12 hours and I will be sitting watching breakingdawn!!!! ahhhhh I cant wait! I am making all my friends breaking dawn ornaments for christmas…just think feathers! I hope you have fun! a friend of mine in new zealand saw it and said it was awesome, I have a feeling it will be the best yet! and now I want some mexican food! happy thanksgiving!

  2. I love to read your posts like this, so much going on for you. HOORAY FOR DAYS OFF!! So glad you get some girl time for you, have fun at the movies. Good for you not baking and showing support for you and your hubby. These early dark nights are no fun for us either. When Rich gets home he usually plays outside with the kids but now that it’s dark they don’t get as much outside time now. Instead they’ve been doing the Just Dance on the Wii and seems we are all ready for bed earlier too. Some nights my kids are asleep at 8:30 and we go up by 9:15, sad sad old people aren’t we, haha. We will find that groove again though it’s just so nice to curl up in a warm bed after a long cold day. Basketball has started for us and that is always fun, also thinking of signing up Sam for Karate and see how he does. I’ve got lots of projects to work on also. We are shopping around for another car this weekend, Rich’s car has been slowly dying on us so it’s time. I guess that’s about all the news I have for now.
    Have a great weekend and days off and will chat with you later.

  3. I’m off to buy She&Him RIGHT NOW! Your coming week sounds super great! And good for you guys for keeping up the healthiness! My Chief is doing GREAT but I….am not. I’m consuming coconut cookies like it’s the end of the world!

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