photography, three sixty five project

week 1 wrap-up

my first week with instagram on my iPad has led to a ton of pics taken that i may have missed by only using my dslr. so many moments that make me appreciate every little thing. feeling so thankful for the blessings of these kids and this life and my guy.

it’s said that the best camera is the camera you have with you. and it’s true.


here’s how our week went down:

gibson broke my heart when he brought a pepsi can home from his buddy’s house. but redeemed himself by wearing matt’s ALF tee from 1987. it’s vintage for reals.

Gibson, you're breaking' my heart.Circa 1987
an evening trip to ikea for some shelving to update the entryway and closet desk. (more to come on that fun project).

Soft serve at IKEA. Yum.
had a house party in gibson’s room when we upgraded in there. he loves deadmau5 and i have to admit, i like a couple tracks too. he got a new bookshelf in his room that holds all the stuff that always ended up on the floor. it looks so grown up. with his PS3 and tv and books and his wallet. wow…flashforward!

day 5 of the new 366 project was something i wore. i love the new chucks matt santa got me. i’ve wanted them for too long!

It's a house party in gibson's room. Rockin' deadmau5 while we upgrade gibson's room.Day 5
day 6 was something that makes me smile and boy do i love a good chocolate old fashioned donut.

saturday shoe shopping for the boys.

Day 6: something I loveNew kicks
a trip to the outlets and how lucky that marshall got to see the light rail.

my sunday breakfast: homemade mini quiches + banana + oj on ice

Homemade mini quiches. Part of a complete breakfast.
day 8: my sky. it’s january but we’ve seen no rain yet. and this is about the most cloud cover we’ve seen since november. trying not to complain but i want some winter weather.

sunday dinner: grilled t-bone, smashed garlic potatoes, grilled shrimp and garlic green beans. oh. my. goodness. full bellies and full hearts.

Day 8: my skyT-bones. Shrimp. Smashed garlic potatoes. Green beans. Empty tummies turned full quick!
my mama came over today and we tackled marshall’s room. it was out. of. control. he’s so good about keeping his trains together but he needed more organization and more room to play. we bought a ton of bins and this is just part of the process. each train set gets stacked in the closet and can be brought down when wants to switch them out.

Organized toys.


wow, it’s been so fun having instagram and picframe! and to be participating with both and fatmumslim for this year’s #photoaday. even if i’m not doing every prompt they are suggesting each day, i AM taking pictures and capturing the moments. that’s what it’s all about. for reals.

hope you had a good week and weekend. see ya soon!

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