mini breakfast quiches: a recipe

Homemade mini quiches. Part of a complete breakfast.

i require quick breakfasts on weekdays.

i start work at 7am which means some days i’m leaving before the boys are awake. kinda rare since my kids wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. i swear, if they see the slightest bit of light peaking through their windows (which have super dark curtains and get shoved up underneath the blinds to ensure the light stays out) they are up and ready to take on the day. i enjoy their enthusiasm. i’m the same way…don’t want to miss anything.


i typically don’t make breakfast at home because if they’re sleeping, cooking is too loud in our tiny house. and if they are up, i’ve spent every free moment making sure they are snuggled and hugged. soo, i usually stop for a bagel 1x a week and the other times i bring granola and a banana or some ham slices and an apple.

but i’m a protein girl. i need my protein and i love eggs in the morning. enter pinterest. duh.

i wanted to see if others used the refrigerated pie crusts like my mini apple pies and if it would work and how long to cook them and all that. yup…i was good to go. here’s how i make mine but you can add anything you like to yours. that’s how cool these are!

6 eggs (you’re using about half and egg per quiche)
sea salt, pepper, emeril’s essence and garlic salt
chopped deli meats ( i use honey ham and sun dried tomato turkey)
cheese of your choice (i use cheddar and mozzarella)
Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts (or any other brand)

1) scramble your eggs in a bowl and add the seasonings

2) chop up your meats into small pieces

3) grate your cheeses

4) using a mason jar ring, cut circles out of the unrolled dough.

5) place your cupcake pan on the lid of the dishwasher and spray with PAM. (yes, the dishwasher lid. so that you don’t get the spray all over your counters or sink or stove. the dishwasher lid is either already dirty or it will be soon when it runs next.)

6) press each circle of dough into each hole by pressing gently in the center, then sliding the sides down to be flush with the pan. you’re making a little hammock for your egggy goodness.

7) pour in the egg mixture until about 2/3 full.

8) sprinkle in the meats, then the cheeses. you can separate them or mix and match them or add veggies or whatever. get creative.

9) pop them in a 400 degree oven for 14-15 minutes. i knew mine were done when the toothpick didn’t come out runny anymore.

10) when you pull them out, let them cool a bit. then use a spoon to gently turn them and they should pop right out.


11) i placed them in ziploc sandwich bags x2. then put all the pairs into one big freezer ziploc bag and put them in the freezer. each morning, i grab a 2-pack and hit the road. at work, i haven’t mastered the toaster oven which is what i would recommend. the microwave is fine but they get dry and the crust isn’t crisp. only microwave for 1 minute or 1:20.

and there you have it…a quick and easy weekday (or heck, even the weekend) breakfast! enjoy my peeps!

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