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week 2 wrap up

yay, i made it through week 2 without screwing anything up at the office or flushing a toddler down the toilet. i must be doing something right around here.

have i mentioned how much i love instagram? hmm, once or twice? really? well, then let me just stop talkin’ about how awesome it is and tell you that i have successfully taken a picture each day with my phone, iPad or dslr.  thanks to the continuous prompts of one fabulous miss fatmumslim. her prompts are fun but also they lead me to see other things that i may not have seen or been able to capture before without lugging my big camera everywhere. oh, and just yesterday my sweet boss upgraded my phone so i got to say buh-bye to my blackberry and hello sweet mama to a new iPhone 3GS. i’d say it’s a damn good tradeoff. so now i have even more opportunities to snap away wherever i am.

BUT! i am worried about how this will affect my project life for 2012. will i deem these photos good enough for printing and PL-ing? i have NO CLUE. but i do know that i have pictures and i can do anything with them. and that’s better that only having a fuzzy picture in my head.

okie doke…moving on to a late but rad wrap up of week 2 in pictures.

after the major marshall room re-haul we actually had room to build his geotrax. gibson helped and then stayed to play. until marshall got all bossy boiler on him.

Day 9: routine (building train tracks) #photoaday #JANphotoaday

seriously…i do love this little rascal.

Coolest kid. Ever.

apple juice screams childhood. oops, sorry…CHILDHOOD! see how i did that? marshall likes his apple juice first thing in the morning with shows in my bed.

Day 10: childhood #janphotoaday #photoaday

a late afternoon jaunt to the park. i couldn’t help myself with this one. the sun was so brilliant behind him.

You are my sunshine.

without getting too intimate…

day 11: where I sleep

wearing one of my gram’s necklaces.


up close.

day 12: close up #janphotoaday  #photoaday

my bag changes often, but the contents rarely do. okay so i don’t always travel with popcorn but there is usually food of some sort as well as a random train or hot wheel when R2D2 is staying at home.

day 13: in my bag #photoaday #janphotoaday

my awesome boys drove me out to my favorite scrapbook store because i had some store cash and coupons. i picked up some much needed pens and some washi tape that i’ve been dreaming of.

after lunch at an insanely amazing southern style bbq smokehouse (with metal rimmed dinning tables and vintage fans), we drove to IKEA for some organizing necessities. on the way marshall and gibson enjoyed tootsie pops.

lollipop lollipop oh lolli lollipop

i spent my saturday night catching up on project life for october and was most happy about using clementine, my new pens (in the same color theme as clementine) and using the cool smash pads i got for christmas. they are perfect for the project life pages.

day 14: something I'm reading (#projectlife journaling) #janphotoaday #photoaday

we cooked a pot roast in the crockpot, i enjoyed some fresh cherry coke and bought a cute plate at target that matched my family room/closet desk perfectly.

day 15: happiness (clementine, cherry coke, new chevron pattern, crockpot and a new restaurant) #photoaday #janphotoaday

i had a great week. the boys have been getting along better and aren’t annoying each other too much. and that makes mama happy as a clam. (are clams even happy? who the heck knows. shrug)

how was your week?

4 thoughts on “week 2 wrap up”

  1. looks like you had a great week! everyone is talking about this instagram…i’m outta the loop. must get an iphone lol. have you read charlie st. cloud yet? I think it was a good book, different from most. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hey sweet Allie, I started Charlie st. Cloud and it got a little weird or I wasn’t interested at one point. It’s been a year or more now and haven’t picked it back up. Are you enjoying it?
      And yes, an iPhone is a must….so many cool things!

  2. Love your pictures,esp with Marshall in the field, so pretty. I want a new phone now so I can take cool pics. Glad it was a great week for you.

    Happy almost Friday!!

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