retrohipmama style: i’m tickled pink

i have so much to share from last week! i bought some cute new things at tar-jay and am pretty pleased with my findings.

monday’s outfit was so cute but i couldn’t ever get a pic. i had a meeting so i dressed up in a burgundy sweater with a thin black belt, a black knee-length skirt, new grey and black houndstooth pattern tights and shiny black flats. can you picture it? maybe next time i will snap a pic.


just a regular tuesday at the office. i picked up a new turquoise belt (it was attached to the cutest grey and pink striped dress). you can’t see the shoes very well but they have both pink and turquoise flowers over a beige background.





i think this is one of the most trendy/insane outfits of my adult life. BUT I LOVED IT! i found pink sweater tights and just HAD to try them out. did i pull it off or do i look like a clown?




another client meeting got me dressed up and i wish i got better pics because the colors and the stretchy belt made my waist look super slim. i kinda need that illusion right now. please excuse the bathroom pics.


my first pair of boots!!!!! found them at target too. i love it when there’s only one pair left and they are exactly my size. seriously felt amazing in this outfit. cute, comfortable and confident.




so happy to have been given a date with my guy as a gift from my parents. they came to our house and hung out with the boys while we saw sherlock holmes and ate dinner. it was so great to get out together, just us, no kids. love my kids but we haven’t had a  break since springtime.




so what did you wear this week? i’ll be linked up at the letter 4 and real momma, real style

7 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: i’m tickled pink”

  1. 1. your shoe collection has me stalking the aisles @ payless for cool airwalk slip ons! 2. you TOTALLY pulled off the pink tights. you are so stinkin’ cute, it ain’t fair! 3. honey. you do NOT need a waist cinching belt… you are GORGEOUS! 4. i am totally jealous of your boots.. i have fat calves. nuf said. 5. that is the cutest pink jacket EVA.. and i am so not a pink girl! 🙂 ps. love that you are posting wiw posts again 🙂

    1. 1) you totally should, I bet there is cute stuff there now. Mine are like 5 years old now. 2) blushing for reals 3) cool, means I’m hiding things well 4) omg you should try boots, they just might hide or mask you calves if you’re concerned about them. 5) I don’t wear it enough but wish I did…only $8 at Ross a couple years ago.
      Thanks for always leaving such awesome notes for me.

  2. sexy retromama! I love each one! Love them. Love the pink tights, love the stretchy belt, love the skinny blue belt with the sweater! I always feel clownish with colored tights on. I’ve been doing patterned ones that are a little darker. But I think I’m going to have to pull out the bright ones I have! Thanks for the inspiration! Heather

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