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enjoy yourself and pay them no mind.

i shared this on wednesday when i was hanging out at it’s our long story and thought i’d share it here in case you didn’t have a chance to stop by heather’s.


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honestly, no one’s really looking at you or talking about you or thinking about you like you think they are. so you know what? do whatcha like!
i wore pink sweater tights to work. i enjoyed myself and paid them no mind. (even though my office gals said i looked super cute.)


i took gibson out for dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings. he sat on the same side as me in the booth. sometimes quietly watching the only tv with football on. sometimes joking around with his chicken strips. sometimes quiet. sometimes dancing a little crazy to that stupid milkshake song. we enjoyed ourselves and paid them no mind.

gibson told me that he and matt were driving last week in the car and they were having a shouting contest. (this happens often in our house. matt will holler, then gibson will holler louder and they go back and forth getting louder and louder and more ridiculous, each of them trying not to break into laughter.) but matt topped the charts of hilarity when he rolled down the window and yelled out at the top of his lungs. i asked gibson if he enjoyed himself and he answered yes but it was a little embarrassing. then i reminded him to pay them no mind.

marshall wanted to sleep in his cowboy hat the other night. he says he’s not a dirty rotten scoundrel so i let him enjoy himself and we paid no mind to conventional sleeping arrangements.

howdy partner

it’s what we enforce and re-enforce with gibson (and soon with marshall) so often is ‘just do you’.
don’t be anyone else.
don’t let anyone else suck the joy out of you.
if you like your purple skinny jeans, then wear them and tell those little a-hole kids to shut up if they diss you.
enjoy your good friendships.
allow other people to enjoy being around you.
be the ice cream cone and not the gallon of ice cream.

enjoy your life.
enjoy being a kid or a parent or a friend.
do what makes you happy. (except stealing cars and doing drugs.)
make good decisions so you can enjoy your life the way God intended you to.
making Him the center of your life and doing things He would be proud of you for.
He is really all that matters.

now go ENJOY something and pay them no mind.

hugs to you…drea

3 thoughts on “enjoy yourself and pay them no mind.”

  1. I love this Andrea, you are such an awesome mom and role model. This is so true and I tell my kids that but I like the way you said it. I can’t believe you have “HOLLER LOUDER GAME” I don’t think I could handle all that noise, so funny though.

    Keep on enjoying yourself!! Adore your pink tights, if only we could all look as cute as you!!

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