retrohipmama style: workin’ it

can i start by saying that i had hecka fun getting dressed this week?
oh i can?
cool. i loved everything i wore…but the pics…again…not the best.

i think it’s the sudden increase of other women in my office. we’re growing and just brought on 3 new ladies, who are fabulous by the way. we’re all shoe girls and always want to see what we’re all wearing when we show up. it’s a fun environment that i have missed, being here all alone for such a long time. don’t get me wrong, i’m cool with being the only girl in the room. but having other women around, makes me want to be better. in a lot of different ways. but not in a i’m-actually-better-than-you kinda way. they inspire me. to work harder, to dress better, to be kinder, to comfort more, to nurture, to laugh and to cry more. so i think you’ll be seeing more creative outfits from me, just because i have someone to dress for now. not just the beige walls of this office.


pinstripe vest: kohl’s
chain link love: made by me
peep toe heels: ross
messy room: made by working mom, a busy work at home dad and 2 messy boys

oh so not trying to be sexy, just trying to show the shoes a bit.




kinda scary…yikes. it was the end of the day after a long meeting out of town.

argyle sweater: handed down from a friend
slacks that match perfectly: have had for years
black flats


grey cardi + white tee + black skirt: pieces i’ve had forever. my mom taught me to buy lots of things that couldn’t go too far out of style. so i took her advice and still have these basic pieces to work in.
houndstooth tights + boots: target
belt: kohl’s
necklace: cinnamon*sticks jewelry stamped the boys’ names in the rings but i like to wear them on a chain instead.


orange and white striped shirt + navy cardi: target
jeans + white chucks
fabric flowers: made by me and worn on a headband today.

sorry for the lack of detail and chatter…it’s late as i’m writing this.

have a good week!

i will be linking up to real momma, real style and the pleated poppy. so come check out tons of outfit inspiration!

2 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: workin’ it”

  1. Looking great! You are adding lots of creativity to your outfits – love it! I’d love if you came and linked this up at my Drab to Fab party on Friday. We celebrate turning normal clothes into fabulous outfits by using a little creativity to dress them up. (We also celebrate jazzed up recipes and DIY’s). Anyway, I’d love to see you this Friday. Here’s a link for all the info you need on the party!

    Hope to see you 🙂


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