5 things, pinterest projects

5 things: pinterest projects

i’ve had some room in my brain to take in all the pinspirational eye candy lately. thank goodness too because i was beginning to worry that my craftiness would be difficult to bring back. it’s been on vacation and i was ready for it to come on home.

always a list girl. but never one to keep a certain goal list around for too long. this amazingly creative doodle design called my name. actually, screamed is more like it. i need some serious doodle time.

rotating goal list


now i have a project for the few glass vases i have kept around. hoping this one will be quick and easy.

DIY: Enamel Painted Vases


what i wouldn’t give to have been a 50’s housewife. but since i was not born in the 30’s, i will just have to settle for dressing like one. i have some neutrals and of course the red accessories to try and pull this look off.

holy vintage pinup batman!


with the leftover fabric from my winter decor, i think i’ll make a little bunting in the corner of the family room.

red & turquoise


i have been eyeing this pin FOR.EVER. i picked up some cute teal fabric that hopefully will cover up an old pair of heels. think i’m going to have to save this one for a weekend. want to do it right.

Turn scuffed shoes into something far more  fabulous!


have you been pinspired lately? are you on pinterest? follow me and i’ll follow ya back!

4 thoughts on “5 things: pinterest projects”

  1. ooo good luck on those shoes! I see all the glitter ones out there on pinterest, but i’m too scared to do it! I’m glad I’m not the only one that wishes she had been born to be a 50’s style housewife! lol. I love that decade! Have fun crafting!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with these, that 5o’s one is soooo YOU!!! The vases look cool and I want to try that. Good luck and keep us posted!

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