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week 9 wrap up

wow wow wow what a week.

i’m just gonna get into the nitty gritty of it all…hang on…you ready?

okay so this was taken on sunday, but if you want to see the cutest little thing in a beanie, play this quick little video. you will not regret it…pinky swear!

monday | feb 27:

something I ate (grapes and blueberries. notice how it’s not girl scout cookies? yea I noticed too.) #photoaday #febphotoaday

tuesday | feb 28: 

as posted on facebook: The Eagles said it best: you can spend all your time makin’ money…or you can spend all your money making’ time. 
I choose the latter every time.

wednesday | feb 29: 

day 29: listening to my feel good playlist #febphotoaday #photoaday

thursday | march 1:

who knew that when i went to sleep on wednesday night, i’d be woken up and heading to the ER with marsh? he’d been sick for a couple days, developed a cough but we knew it’d wear off eventually. but matt got up with him and noticed he was having a really hard time breathing and he was wheezing a lot. half awake…we drove 2 miles to the hospital.

he received an hour of a breathing treatment because his oxygen levels were so low. the doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing. he was so compliant and did everything they asked of him. even with the pulse thing on his finger and that mask, he still managed to play the iPad while we waited. getting the IV in his arm was a bit challenging but he got through it. his chest xrays showed no pneumonia, thank God. but we still were sent home with some meds just in case there was anything there. little guy went from exhausted, to hyper from the steroids, then loopy when they wore off to back to normal in a matter of hours. what a roller coaster. and what a trooper he was.

part of his reward for getting through the IV was getting to ‘see his bones’ with the doctor. he was THRILLED and named all the bones he knew. totally the highlight of the night…er…morning.

home at 5am, we slept until 7am when the bright eyed and bushy-tailed marshall woke up feeling almost like himself again. and breathing much easier.

i wasn’t going to work until lunch, thankfully i have a great partner who can pitch in when things like this happen.

okay so moving on…it’s MARCH! and fatmumslim has a brand new month of picture prompts for us.

it rained finally! so naturally this is what i saw when i looked up. through the sunroof, out to the horizon and straight up to the clouds.

day 1: up #photoaday #marchphotoaday

i also wanted to change up my iPhone backgrounds and the fabulous cuptakes app added new designs in their march update. find them in the app store! a one time purchase of 99 cents and you have access to their entire catalog of wallpapers for iPhones and iPads.

IMG_0738     IMG_0737

tonight i also made turkey chili from scratch. it was my first time ever making homemade chili. it turned out soooooooooooooo yummy. next time i make it i will write down what i did and post the recipe. it was so good, even my very healthy-eating-and-very-strict-about-what-foods-he-eats-because-he’s-still-losing-weight-but-can’t-resist-a-good-chili husband tried it and made a joke about taking it all for himself. i’m patting myself on the back a little.

friday | march 2: “it’s friday, i got a job, and I got stuff to do.”

i’ve been eating so good all week. i was exhausted from the ER visit and lack of sleep was catching up with me. the clear and only answer for this is popcorn and a coke on ice for my mid-day work snack. i was so super productive for the remainder of the afternoon. it really ended my work week nicely.

"It's Friday, I got a job, and I got stuff to do."

as posted on facebook:

i did manage to take a picture of fruit, but on this day…fruit never entered my body.

day 2: fruit (my new favorite candy) #marchphotoaday #photoaday

a quick trip to an audio store so matt could get a quote for upgrading the head unit in the denali, the boys and i played around.

marshall loves the sunroof as much as i do!

he really is so handsome.

saturday | march 3:

i started my day on the treadmill. it’s amazing what really good music can do for your energy level. i spent the rest of the morning cleaning house and chasing kids around.

we also said goodbye to a special and faithful family member. we sold our durango, to an amazing family that we’ve know for years, after paying it off last month. we knew getting the denali was what we had always dreamed of and upgrading some things on it would mean selling the durango.


this is the second title matt and i have owned in our marriage. it’s an exciting feeling! and selling it was too!


as posted on facebook:

he didn’t sleep long but we stayed outside and ate lunch and played in the dirt.

i figured i’d better get a head start on pulling weeds from the flower bed while the ground was still moist.

i like the dirt and weeds are no match for me.

matt posted this on my wall after he got new tires. having the correct size tires makes the ride so much smoother than before. thankfully nothing was wrong with the alignment, the shocks or the brakes. all looked to be in perfect condition!

#marchphotoaday for today is: neighborhood. here’s mine.

day 3: my neighborhood (clear and quiet) #photoaday #marchphotoaday

my new favorite salad. mixed baby greens, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, strawberries and brianna’s blush wine vinegrette dressing. from my calculations, it’s a 250 calorie salad and it tastes amazing.

so ends my week.

also, you may notice that sunday is not included at the end this time. it’s gotten a little difficult to include sunday when i usually take a lot of photos and it’s too much to edit and add to this post on a sunday night. so from here on out, my weekly wrap ups will go from sunday to saturday. it’s probably more info than you needed to know…but that’s how i roll.


1 thought on “week 9 wrap up”

  1. Great week of pictures!! Sorry for the little Marsh man and glad he’s feeling better now. Don’t you hate when they get sick at night, it’s just not fair for anyone. WHAT A TROOPER HE WAS!!!

    WOW you must have nice cali weather to be outside digging and enjoying the sun. I can’t wait for spring to come for us.

    Your salad looks yummy and hooray for turkey chili, sounds good.

    Were all these pics taken on your phone? Where do you print them out at?
    Thanks for sharing another week of your sweet and beautiful family!!
    Have a great week!


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