retrohipmama style: what we wore

the weather went from chilly at the beginning of the week to warm and sunny at the end so a variety of outfits was the case this week. didn’t keep me from getting a little creative. hope i don’t get too crazy on ya!

MONDAY: black tee, grey cardi and jeans with target boots. handmade necklace.


WEDNESDAY: same ole stuff…


SATURDAY: cool morning weekend wear

SUNDAY: warm weather wear for a walk around the lake





*************BONUS DAY******************

haha, you like that? as if it’s really a bonus to see another outfit from me…well i guess i hope you think it is. LOL

i couldn’t hold onto this one for next week. i’m so excited about my outfit that i had to share.

when i got to go through my gram’s closet, this yellow blazer was a treasure i knew i could do something with. the next obvious step was to search for blazer on pinterest so i could wear it properly.

thanks to mr. gibber for taking my pictures. he’s getting good, right?





speaking of the gibber, had to get some shots of him in his new threads.



i know that clothes are just strands of thread woven together. but they really mean something to me. they evoke emotions and memories. they make you see people a certain way, and then maybe another way on a different day. they say who you are and the kinds of people you surround yourself with. i’m grateful for the threads i have been able to afford. the ones i’ve been lucky enough to find. blessed enough to have been given. and strong enough to have been able to repurposed.

here’s to looking at clothes like more than fabric that just covers our skin.

hugs!  ..drea

5 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: what we wore”

  1. you always look great but that outfit with the mustard jacket is off the charts! blog looks great, too. guess it’s been a while. i am finding that the more i keep up with my favorite bloggy friends on FB the less I am actually getting over to their blogs! not quite what i intended!

    1. Hey Christine! I love that jacket and was super happy with it. I totally hear ya on the fb and blog thing…thought about that the other day too! Here’s to making more of an effort… Have a great week and thanks for being so super sweet!

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