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week 11 wrap up

can i be candid for a sec?
okay so i thought this was week 10? with the week i had…i think my brain wanted to forget all about it. or maybe the girls’ night on saturday helped wash away the craziness.

so now that i’m all caught up on the dates…we can move on.


sunday | march 11:

day 11: someone I talked to today (well, he usually does most of the talking) #photoaday #marchphotoaday

monday | march 12:

my folks came to bring the fifth wheel back and the boys love to climb up in abeulo’s truck and help load or unload. but it always turns into this. “show me your muscles!”

tuesday | march 13

tuesday was the beginning of hell week at the office. an unfortunate turn of events that started with two frantic client phone calls. one of which, after 3 days of accusations against me and how i’ve done my job and a pretty intense investigation, lead to the firing of my accuser for falsifying documents. (how close is your jaw to the floor right now?) i’m not making any of this up. i wish it didn’t go down but thankfully i had my awesome right hand girl to help chill me out and find emails with me. i’d be lost without her. matt was super supportive all week too, texting me and asking how i was. what a mess.

basically, these cookies were a necessity.

wednesday | march 14:

it rained all week. it’s actually beginning to feel like winter in northern california.

a quick trip to the mall and marshall earned a ride on the tractor.

thursday | march 15:

am i the only one with kids who run away when you want to take a picture of them, yet run to it when you want to take a picture of yourself? hmmmm.

they call him gibbo. apparently we need new towels since they seem to be falling apart.

…aaaaaand he brings home A+ test results!

at work on friday we made “dream boards”. when i get a chance…i’ll take better pics of it. i love how it turned out!

saturday | march 17:

day 17: green #marchphotoaday #photoaday

albert has been letting gibson hold him for longer periods of time.

we were reunited…and it felt so good.

reunited...and it feels so good.

so i could make this awesome coffee cuff…….

for this awesome girl’s birthday party.

2 of my favorite ladies.

i really do love her.

so basically, there were fewer pictures taken as there were more drinks consumed. trust me, you’re thanking me now.

hope everyone has a good week! mine certainly ended well!

3 thoughts on “week 11 wrap up”

  1. Great week of pictures, love your 12 on the 12th shots. How fun to have a girls night out, never do I get one of those. Sorry for all the rain and gloomy weather for you. I think all your temps and sun came to us, it’s soooooo HOT outside.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. sorry about your work troubles! At least it ended on a good note! Drinks with girlfriends is a good remedy! Love the photos! Hope this week is better 🙂

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