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flashback friday: ten years ago

kinda wish i was following along with 30daysoflists this time around….but i’ve really got too much else going on. maybe i’ll pick up the journal i started (and only got through day 6 of) last september and doodle a list or two when i’m inspired.

kinda like how i was inspired by my friend dawn’s list today. flashback fridays are a fun feature for me…i love looking back. and i thought a super flashback was perfect for this friday. so here’s a little jump back in time to the year 2002.
gibson was only 8 months old.

we were planning a move from our hometown to a city an hour away. i was most scared and sad about leaving my parents.
From: Vacaville, CA To: Rancho Cordova, CA

i had no clue about blogging. what’s a web…log?

i was listening to eminem, audioslave, foo, avril, hot hot heat and frou frou
The Eminem ShowAudioslaveOne By OneLet GoMake Up The BreakdownDetails

i had been scrapbooking for 4 years already.
Copy of MVC-653F

my pics were taken on a digital camera that used floppy discs for storage. each disc held about 30 pictures. imagine how many i’d have to bring with me for a trip to the park.

i drove a ’92 accord with blue flames on the dashboard and a lightning bolt on the gas door.

after taking a job downtown with an awful commute for a month while i waited for my dream job to get back to me…..i got that call and quit on the spot. i worked my dream job as a graphics and marketing girl for the next 6.5 years until i was laid off.

matt bought a video editing program to make a video for gibson’s first birthday and that program helped us start our film and video company.
i cut my hair into a pixie style. to this day it has always been the very favorite hair style i’ve worn.

i hope that your friday is a magical start to your weekend. make it great!


1 thought on “flashback friday: ten years ago”

  1. hey girl!! Love that you did this list, it was my favorite!!

    I lov love your list and the photos!! Sweet little Gibson such a cutie!!

    I love love your hair, oh my goodness you look different and it’s so stinkin cute. you should do this again one day, if it makes you happy then just go for it!!

    Of course this was your music, happy you added that in here.

    Sorry you had to move and your work wasn’t the best. Things have gotten better for you though and you are STRONG and WONDERFUL!!

    Laughing at that camera, holy cow I never even saw these before. What a pain they would be to carry around, your right!! Thank heaves they’ve improved.
    I remember my first digital camera and Sam was almost 3 I think and of course I was to afraid to touch it. Finally I took Sam outside and got AWESOME pictures of him and that camera stayed right by my side. 6 months later I found out about scrapbooking and my life changed for the better !!!

    Thanks for doing this list Andrea, I think we all need to do this and share it. My lists are falling behind but I’m catching up this weekend and posting them this weekend or next week. There’s a few other fun ones you might want to do.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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