drea lately

munching: kettle brand sour cream and cheddar chips. also hubert’s strawberry lemonade and raspberry lemonade. oh. goodness. this. stuff. is. yummy.

watching: new girl. (one of the funniest shows i’ve seen. sweet and cute and quirky.) DWTS. (strictly for the dancing. i’m not the type who cares about celebrities; a-list or d-list. i simply enjoy the dancing and the growth from poeple who don’t have the experience.) idol. (every year. no fail. my faves? phillip. joshua. skylar. jessica. elise.) hart of dixie. (honestly, this show will be purchased for future viewing. beautifully shot, genuinely well-written, smart actors, catchy characters, believable plot lines. for a CW show, it’s a fave of both me and matt)

changing: laundry detergent. i’m actually a little broken up about it. i know, i’m weird. but, i’ve been using cheer since i started doing laundry and now, all of a sudden, sam’s isn’t going to carry it anymore. i have adopted tide and so far, the scent is tolerable and isn’t making me cringe. there is hope.

reading: blogs | yep, the are all mine (her snarky and sarcastic ways make me feel at home and like i can and should be myself.) quasi agitato (h0nestly, the most honest blogger i know. she just sees things i wouldn’t, but then go, oh yeah…i notice that!) everyday memories with project life (this friend creates with reckless abandon. i love her whimsy and her creative nature.)

stitching: a drawing that gibson drew for me when he was six.

ready to stitch an original piece by gibson at age 6. so excited to get this on the wall.

editing: iphone pictures from february.

listening to: it’s new…and i like it playlist on spotify. with stuff like the black keys, mumford and sons, owl city, fun., the airborne toxic event, neon trees, awolnation, flo, of monsters and men and foster the people. i can’t get enough. but i’m kinda in the mood for some fleetwood mac. are you surprised?

documenting: the end of january in project life. i hit the jackpot at the scrapbook store on sunday. tons of goodies and it seems like everything is beginning to be more and more appropriate for project life. i stocked up on letter stickers, words and sentiments, and small embellishments.


enjoying: my new tumbler cups from home goods. fun, quirky and colorful. just like me! my longer-ish hair and all that i can do with it. how i can upload my iphone pics directly to with the flickr app.


inspired by: (her project life layouts are seriously amazingly clean, refreshing and inspiring.)
Untitled (everything she stitches is amazing. period.)

looking forward to: putting down a patio in the backyard so i can use my new patio furniture. planting a new garden. cleaning out the garage. getting my new iphone case in the mail. making room for my gram’s piano. garage bound for now but at least it will be in my possession. so you think you can dance. it’s THE best dancing show…hands down!

teaching: marshall how to write and properly hold a pencil. he’s favoring his left hand mostly. which is fine with me. his favorite workbook activities are counting, drawing lines and matching.

overhearing: gibson explain things to marshall in great detail. the other day gibson explained the veins and heart and valves and the entire circulatory system to him so marshall would understand what happens to his finger when he sucks on it. a habit we have been trying to rid him of for a year now. and marshall responding with “ooooh, i get it now.”

contemplating: vlogging. i really just want to try the vlogme! app on my ipad. i really have nothing compelling to talk about. is there anything you’d like to see from me?

favorite new apps: camera bag: lots of fun photo filters. photoshake: great for collages. michaels: dude, all my coupons load automatically and i just have the checker scan my phone to get my discounts. draw something: i never really play games but something about this one keeps me drawing. i’ve got 5 games going already!

7 thoughts on “drea lately”

  1. I love reading about what’s new with you, it makes me happy and amazes me. Still working on using my iphone more, my kids love it and are on it more then me. really wish they could each have one. My Sam and Renee are lefty’s and on occassion use their right hands also, Sam likes to surprise the other team in soccer with his awesome left footed kicks.
    I’m watching DWTS a little bit too, the dances are nice but I like to see certain people, like Mellissa Gilbert and ” URKEL” these two have been favorite people of mine for years. My desperate housewives show is ending for good soon and I’m glad about that. My show Grey’s Anatomy is really boring lately so really no tv life going on here.
    Hooray for patio furniture and being outside!!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome and fun and colorful life with us!! Enjoy your week.

    1. My sweet friend! I am thrilled that you get a kick outta my latelys! Makes me smile too! So two lefty kiddos huh? So cool! Go Sam…every kid needs a cool trick up his sleeve. 🙂 I too like some of the celebs…especially the football players… But Jaleel is such a good dancer and I grew up watching him too. I loved Ralph Maccio last year too. Can you believe Gladys? She’s amazing and I remember seeing her and the pips at a baseball game or something. I need to ask my mom. Enjoy the rest of your tv shows…while they last! See ya sweetie!

      Sent from my iPad

  2. I forgot to thank you for mentioning my blog here also, that was so sweet of you. So happy that we found each other in this big crazy fun blogworld. You always have just what I need when I come here, it’s my favorite cheerful thing to do!! Thanks for always sharing your cute family and inspiring me to be better!! HUGS!!

  3. Oh you wonderful lady you! I love reading your blog!! I too am a So You Think You Can Dance fanatic and was just wondering when it was coming on (it’s usually right after American Idol ends right??). I’m off to check out the blogs you recommended now! :0)

    1. Bekah baby, your comments are the sweetest! Love that you love SYTYCD too! Fave. Show. Ever! It usually starts at the end of may so right when summer kicks in…we’ll be getting our groove-watchin’ on! Peace out lady!

      Sent from my iPad

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