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music is my girlfriend

a couple weeks ago, i shared this on a friend’s blog for her food of love series. if you didn’t get a chance to see my post on her blog, i’m sharing it today.

christine at quasi agitato is a bloggy friend whom i have never been blessed enough to meet in person, but is one of those ladies who i’d totally be friends with if we didn’t live on opposite ends of the country. she makes me see things differently as a parent. pay closer attention. be thoughtful in the way i capture the memories my kids give me. she’s pretty cool like that.

so look, i’m no writer. if i can string together a few sentences that make sense…i’m patting myself on the back. but when christine put the word out via facebook that she was looking for people to write music related posts i jumped on it, knowing it would be a challenge. a challenge i WANTED to take on. you see, music’s my thang. sometimes people ask me how i know so much music and i just think, and sometimes out loud, how do you NOT? for me, music has just been in every facet of my being. music played from garage stereos, car radios where a large button had to be shoved in to change the station preset (you know what i’m talking about), house systems with friends and pool halls and night clubs. music just existed and i wanted to capture it all. breathe it all in. live it. be it. put myself in studio 54 (minus the drug use) and dance to songs that were beyond my years.

did it help that my gram was a music teacher? maybe? i didn’t play instruments (well) so i always figured if i can’t play music i could at least listen and enjoy. i’m a little bummed that i never got the chance to tell my gram how much i love her big band tapes and the hymns she played on her piano. but what i can do, is feel each beat in my soul of souls and exhale memories that are associated with each song.

and what i did here, is recalled a very small percentage of songs that have significance in my life and used them to tell a story. i hope you enjoy. oh and the song lyrics or titles each lead to a youtube video of the song. have fun!

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warning: some songs and videos contain explicit lyrics and/or images.

do you have a girlfriend? one that’s been through all of your life stages? even the really awkward ones? a friend that’s down for whatever. one that sticks by your side. helps you through your struggles, your triumphs and your pity parties. does your friend workout with you and labor through a treadmill session? does this awesome companion come help you clean your house just because that’s what you need her for? you’ve got to have that friend that will jump in the car with you and drive for hours. calm you down when you are gettin’ a liiiiitle crazy. lift your mood so high that you actually start dancing?

well i have a friend like this. music is my girlfriend.

you see, i like to hear some funky dixieland. i like that old time rock ‘n’ roll. that kind of music just soothes my soul. the kind of song that makes me wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.

our friendship began in 1979. my mother had two boys already, 8 and 10 years old. baby, it’s cold outside in december, but she finally got to say ‘here comes my girl‘ when i was born. blessed (as an adult) but cursed (as a child) with bette davis eyes, i managed to keep from free fallin’ through life. i was only born to be a little wild. i had a bit of rebel rouser in me.

at 6months old we were going to california and after some bumps in the road we ended up in pretty great town. my parents still live in the house that built me. step by step, i felt like i had a friend through all my school days. when i was an around the way girl, a gypsy, a teenage dirtbag, everything to everyone, nuthin’ but a G thang, a sweet thing, a bullet with butterfly wings, a rock and roll girl, a redneck girl, or just a girl, i knew she understood me.

i knew i just needed somebody to love. i wanted stuff like that there. because i believe in a thing called love. when i met matt, it was just the two of us. i was footloose and fancy free. he’s the guy i’d been looking for all my life. but i was torn, it got redundant. it wasn’t thug love. i wasn’t used to it. he was a monkey wrench in what i thought i deserved. i figured i’d better get in my car with one headlight before the heartache rolls in. there was so much to say, i was desperately wanting. i’m going down.

but when i saw him standing there i thought, say it ain’t so. so much for hangin’ tough. and on monday morning, i made sure to ask him to wake me up before you go-go. as days go by, we would become islands in the stream. i dreamed we’d buy diamonds and pearls, and guitars and cadilacs. but we didn’t have times like these. there was no ocean front property. we were happy. but we lived in a hurricane for so long. and we became an extraordinary machine through it all. hallelujah. i became a better version of me. i knew that when we get by, we’ll make it by with love.

once the kids came, a became more than a woman. oh boy! everything else about the life i knew was washed away. but through all the long days and the barely breathing, i new that i could change the world with these little boys. and I knew that i had one friend that still knew where it’s at.

my friend who was there for me when i pretended to be elvira so the oak ridge boys would sing to me. i knew she’d be around for a while when i sang forever and ever, amen to my parents with aluminum foil microphones. and when i danced to have mercy with my sister in the garage.

she’d be there for me.

when we went jive talkin’ in boogie shoes.

yep. music is my girlfriend.


oh, and if you’re on spotify, come check out my playlist with all the mentioned songs at:  music is my girlfriend

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