retrohipmama style: it’s a new style

it seems that my phone is the likely suspect for taking my pics lately. and yes, i’m in my kids’ bathroom because at the end of the day, it is the only room in the house with good natural light. now, if i could just get that mirror clean. yeah, g’luck with that!

and part of making life easy is an app on my phone called photoshake. it’s amazing for collages and seriously quick. so instead of editing all 5 pictures i took of just one outfit, i made a collage, edited all the pictures at once and called it done. each edited collage gets saved and uploaded to my flickr account for a quick html copy/paste to the blog. it is seriously awesome! it’s a new thing for me…and i’m okay with that.

speaking of new things…i have been blessed with a few new things from old navy (again). not sure why i’m drawn back there, but i really like the simplicity of the old navy style. i’ve tried out some new styles (a little out of my comfort zone but not too crazy) and i’m loving where we i ended up this week!

a new shirt and earrings from old navy


another new shirt with the same earrings as the previous outfit. but check out those shoes….pink, orange and purple? oh yes…i snagged ’em up!


boots + skinnies + long shirt + belt = awesome for a cold and rainy day


another newbie is the sweater. love the slightly muted green and the way it fits but isn’t fitted.


crappy pic of my outfit today, but the most important part is that i changed into the “home wear” immediately. yes, those are coca-cola pj bottoms. =)


hoping you all wore something that made you feel 100% amazing!


Momma Go Round   pleated poppy

1 thought on “retrohipmama style: it’s a new style”

  1. You look aaaammmaaazzziinnngg lady!!! How fun to have new clothes and cute new shoes also. LOVE YOUR HAIR!! You always have style even in your “HOME” wear…. thanks for sharing and how fun those collages are, I like them alot!!

    Enjoy your week.

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