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week 13-14 wrap up

did i seriously fail to do my week 13 wrap up? oopsie daisy! oh my goodness, and week 14? well you’re in luck…i’m getting caught up!




monday | march 26:
#marchphotoaday is keys. key to my office. key to my life. keys to get me to and from.

day 26: keys (key for work. key to my life. and a key to get my back and forth.) #marchphotoaday #photoaday #picframe

tuesday | march 27:
a piece of wire, bent into the shape of my name. made by a guy in one of my high school art classes. it currently hangs in my garage scrap space.

day 27: my name (hanging on my craft space wall) #photoaday #marchphotoaday #picframe

wednesday | march 28:
trash. something i no longer have to worry about.

day 28: trash (something I don't take out anymore) #marchphotoaday #photoaday #picframe

an original piece about to be stitched. gibson drew a picture for me when i was pregnant with marshall and taped it to the front door for me to see when i came home from work. i knew someday i’d find the perfect way to display it forever.

ready to stitch an original piece by gibson at age 6. so excited to get this on the wall.

thursday | march 29:
open house at gibson’s school. he’s showing me his computer lab and writing an email to his PC PAL. it’s like a pen pal but through a secure email server with employees at a huge local employer. they even came to the school earlier in the year to spend time together.



the #marchphotoaday is feet. since i can’t get one to stand still enough to take a picture of his feet and i wouldn’t be able to stop the other one from trying to make me smell his, i decided to snap a pic of one of my favorite scrapbook pages. these are marshall’s feet as a crawling baby.

day 29: feet (little Marshall piggy feet) #picframe #photoaday #marchphotoaday

marshall has been sick since the weekend and we had been loading him up on fluids. tonight we ran errands and let marshall play on the ipad in the truck. apparently his still wasn’t feeling so hot and threw up all over penelope (yes i named her). it was EVERYWHERE. in every crevice of the case. so penelope got her first bath and was fresh and clean. poor girl. 😉

giving Penelope her first bath after Marshall puked all over it. yuk.

thursday was also my mama’s birthday. it’s your what? what? it’s your birthday!

friday | march 30:
it will be a sad day when there isn’t a lego in every room. my vacuum however, will be thankful.

day 30: toy (i will miss the day when there isn't a lego creation in every room. My vacuum however, will not.) #marchphotoaday #photoaday #picframe

saturday | march 31:

getting ready for my MIL’s birthday dinner at chicago fire, marshall tells me “thanks for getting me dressed mom, i look so stylish!”


the boys playing while we wait.


i made that.

Jokster. Prankster. Hipster. Sweetster. The Gibber.

this one too.


sunday | april 1:
no april fools jokes at our house. then my dad called. that guy always gets such a kick out of teasing us. he gets me every. single. year. 🙂

but i did spend marshall’s naptime catching up on project life. maybe on my next PL update i’ll show you how i organize all my goodies.


since marshall was feeling a little bit better, we decided to take a jaunt out to the mall to get my ring serviced and then we hit the freeway up to the scrapbook store. i needed to grab a few new sets of embellishments and letter stickers for PL.


the #photoadayAPRIL was reflection and i couldn’t resist this one. jc penny’s new campaign on the door in turquoise and it said april? absolutely!

day 1: reflection

my loot. this pic doesn’t do it justice at all but you get the idea.

day 2: color heaven. so. much. inspiration. #projectlife #photoadayapril #photoaday #picframe

marshall thought my pink eraser made a pretty cool car.



monday | april 2:

my little angel. or a bug. depending on if he’s being sweet or annoying.


marshall and i have been reading a book to the point that he’s memorized the words. he was so excited that he wanted to read it to dad. tried to catch a little glimpse.


tuesday | april 3:

headed to the park for some baseball practice.




nothing good, just junk and bills.

day 3: (junk) mail. oh, and a bill. #photoadayapril #photoaday

wednesday | april 4:
it’s awesome how matt will take pics with me now that he’s lost weight. happy couple.

day 4: he makes me happy #photoaday #photoadayapril #picframe

thursday | april 5:
scored some sweet masking tape at target. perfect for scrapping.

loving my new washi tape from target. gettin' my #projectlife on tonight since i'm starting a 3-day weekend. woohoo!

day 5: tiny (little clouds) #picframe #photoaday #photoadayapril

friday | march 6: a catholic boss + good friday = a paid holiday from work
gibson’s been on spring break all week so instead of sitting around the house, we enrolled him in basketball camp for the week. he had a blast!



after dropping him off, we took marshall to the park. matt played basketball and marsh and i slid, swung, ran, climbed and jumped.




pb+j for a snack.


my homemade strawberry jam is so good that even i had one.


a few errands to get provisions for a weekend of project life at the kitchen table and some things for easter sunday. the #photoadayAPRIL was shadow and i’m just happy all 3 of my boys complied with me request.


stopped to take a pic of the G painted in the parking lot. kinda in love with it and will probably end up printing it for the house.


gibson, just hanging out.


it was finally less-swampy in the backyard so i let marshall run around.


matt made me a super awesome dinner: eggs, avocado, spinach, cheddar, feta and ham.

dinner last night: eggs, avocado, spinach, ham, cheddar and feta. made by hubby.

then i made brownies. the corners are my favorite!

me, i prefer the corner. what about you?
boys are in bed, matt’s playing PS3 and i’m getting in my groove. if you missed my latest project life update, you can see it here.

i may or may not have been working on #projectlife all weekend.

little peek at some finished stuff. #projectlife

me and my bff.


sunday | april 8: easter sunday

the boys, after getting their easter baskets.


we had a beautiful day at matt’s parents’ house. a super sunny and warm day. perfect for an easter hunt and lunch.



you can see more easter pics here.

so yeah, pretty eventful couple of weeks right?

i’m working on week 15 now, so that i’m not behind anymore.

see ya soon!


5 thoughts on “week 13-14 wrap up”

  1. WOW love the pictures!! First where did you get the design masking tape at Target? Which section? Would love to get some???!!

    Way to go on Gibson taking out the trash, Summer likes to do ours and if not Rich does it. I don’t think Sam can pick it up high enough to go in the tall green garb. can we have. Yummy foods you had!! Poor Marshall, hope he is doing better now, sorry for Penelope, haha!! hooray for bball camp, Sam does that too in the summer. I didn’t know about the shadow picture prompt this week, I actually did one though and made it into a collage, love it. Great job on catching up on PL, it looked great. Happy birthday to your mom and MIL!!
    Thanks for making me smile this morning, love them!!

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