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week 18 wrap up

do you mind if we skip the usual pleasantries and get right to the good stuff? we’ve got a lot going on here! =)

cool, let’s get started!

monday | april 30:

i snagged this super cute clutch at target and it quickly turned into my grab and go wallet. it can hold all my cards, cash and change, keys, stereo chip and my phone. rad right?


it was also a mcdonald’s night.


gibson shot this. kinda pretty.


swing time with marshall.


spit takes with gibson.


more swinging with marshall.


love watching him, watching him.


gibson brought home some super good grades. yeah i realize he’s failing homework, but that’s being fixed up quick!


tuesday | may 1:

#photoadaymay kicks off! i drive by this flag everyday but today at lunch with the sun up high it screamed at me! it’s amazing what this symbol stands for.

may 1: peace #photoadaymay #photoaday #phonto

wednesday | may 2:

gibson loves to make funny faces.


day 2 was skyline. i like the random open spaces that still remain in our little growing town.

may 2: skyline #phonto #photoadaymay

a little film shoot in our kitchen on a wednesday night…just the normal goings on at the gray house.



the short skit that matt conceptualized, as a nod to the recent interview about if american’s torture terrorists, is literally one of the funniest things we’ve done. it’s not political, it’s just a spoof so if you watch it, i hope you see the humor in it.

thursday | may 3:

cinco de mayo fiesta hosted by the building i work in. so many great people to mingle with and super yummy margaritas! i dressed for the occasion. cute jacket that i bought at old navy like 7 years ago.

may 3: something I wore today #photoadaymay #phonto #photoaday

my office gals: ashley and tawnya


my best girl, tawnya.


friday | may 4:

gorgeous weather for a bbq with friends! tawnya and greyson are coming over!!!!!!


i’m waiting with my rum and coke while matt preps the food.


still just chillin’. enjoying my friday in the sun.


she’s here!! it’s as if i haven’t seen her all day…or all week! love this chick!


and she loves her gin and tonic. it’s gonna be a good night!


saturday | may 5: it’s national scrapbooking day and thankfully i’m not hungover from last night. 😉

just enjoying my updated stash of lilybee alpha stickers. they come in big 12×12 sheet sets but i cut them up so i can store and use them easier.


with all the boys either sleeping or in another room, i’m free to catch up on the 5 episodes i’m behind on of new girl and organize my stash. i’m super excited to share my new organization project with ya’ll this week!


after his nap, marsh was feeling creative too so he played on free draw.


then we blew bubbles FOREVER!


i spent the rest of the night scrapping, in between dinner (pizza) and baths (quick) and stories (just one). a new project life update coming this week too!

sunday | may 6:

homemade granola! this time i used my friends’ homemade vanilla extract. she blogs at and has a ton of good healthy recipes. this batch of granol will be the best with her added touch!



also, today my parents came to pick up their fifth wheel (which they park at my house) so they can pack it up for their 4 month camping trip. happy for them, but sad to not see them until july when they take the boys camping for a bit.

i got completely caught up to february in project life and organized march pics so they are ready to go.

we hung out in the backyard for a couple hours this evening before we were forced into the usual nighttime routines.

overall, it was an amazingly wonderful week and will be a piece of cake when compared to what’s in store this week. let’s just say that after i do my day job, i will be helping my hubby do his always job and my third job while we film a school play for 3 days in a row. NOT looking forward to it but certainly happy my hubby is still sought after. hoping for much bigger things that are still in the pipeline.


hope you all had a fantastic week too!



1 thought on “week 18 wrap up”

  1. Well I’m glad you weren’t hungover… I on the other hand felt like hammered shit! wouldn’t trade it though, you guys are great hosts! XO~ T

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