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week 19 wrap up

honestly, i can’t  even believe i took one picture this week. we knew what was coming our way and all we could do was we handle business and keep ourselves intact. we did. and we ended up very tired and worn out, but intact.

monday |  may 7:

done running errands for some weekly provisions. marshall has started to avoid the camera lately. makes me kinda sad because he was always my little shutterbug. but with the camera in his face since birth, i can see how he’d be a bit sick of it.


enjoying some real music outside with the boys. loving how many lyrics Gibson knows. it kinda warms my heart. i grew up on this album, i know every sound and beat. it literally lives inside me. rip mca.


today’s #photoadayMAY is someone who inspires me. since i tend to surround myself with people who i find intellectually stimulating, (can nyou name the movie?) i would have had to take a lot of photos for this one. but i picked my kids because they really do inspire me to laugh and play and relax. couldn’t be happier to have them in my life.

may 7: someone who inspires me (to relax. to play. to laugh.) #phonto #camera+ #photoadaymay

tuesday | may 8: 

this, my friends, is a meatloaf.
a meatloaf cooked in the microwave.
a meatloaf, cooked in the microwave for twenty minutes.
a meatloaf, cooked in the microwave for twenty minutes in my new pampered chef covered baker.
and gibson said it was so yummy and didn’t even need any more spices.
i seriously cannot even tell you how happy i was that i bought this from my friend who is now selling pampered chef. if you have a need for any of their awesome products, check her out.  plus i made her logo…so there’s that!


wednesday | may 9:

today matt and I started our 3-day filming job for a local church. so after working all day, driving the boys up to my in-laws for the evening, filming a school play for 3 hours and driving back up to get them, it was 10:00 before i got them to bed. and also 10:00 before i was able to eat dinner. i wasn’t a happy camper. especially knowing i had 2 more days of the same.

there were no life pictures to speak of today. this collage of my morning iced tea routine for today’s #photoadayMAY was actually taken on thursday. also, it never even made it to instagram. i hate being too busy for my fun things.


thursday | may 10:

again, worked all day and had to film in the evening. thankfully my bestie was able to take both boys and of course, the littles had to bathe together. i mean, they do everything else together.


inbetween scenes and during intermission i made today’s #photoadayMAY: my favorite word.
we use this word at home all the time when a certain someone pouts about chores or anything else for that matter. brought into my world by a former boss, this word lives and breathes what i want in my life and what i want to teach my boys.


friday | may 11: 

the last day of day and night working. the boys are with tawnya again and today was also the first session of gibson’s 8-week comedic acting class. i got to drop him off and see him up to his class. i think i could really love this acting thing for him. within my first second there, i was greeted, introduced and welcomed. such a wonderful family environment. tawnya picked him up and then took them all to cold stone to celebrate how much he loved his class! of course, the public venue is always the appropriate time for my marsh to get shirtless.


saturday | may 12: 

marshall has decided he doesn’t want to learn how to swing on his bum, he’d much rather “fly like a bird”. this makes me happy.


today was also take12 and i was so happy i remembered at 6:50am. check out that post here.

once the boys were in bed and matt was off to shoot for a whole different project, i decided i had some more life left in me. but it didn’t last long and i hit the sheets pretty early.

sunday | may 13: mother’s day

i posted this picture on facebook as my way of saying happy mother’s day to all my peeps. i kinda crack myself up.


then we spent time here:


doing this:


and after the handmade cards and girlie time with another favorite mommy in my life and the amazing bbq matt prepared for us and without a fuss, i got the boys to take a super sweet picture with me. best mommy’s day gift.


this… how i spent most of my mother’s day and i loved every second.


hope you had a good week…and glad mine ended on some good notes.


6 thoughts on “week 19 wrap up”

  1. is that the magic pot??? I want one so bad, my aunt sent one to me thru the mail and when it got here it was in a million pieces! Glad you had a nice relaxing mom’s day! I had to work….still recovering! lol hope your week is less hectic for ya! ps. i think its awesome that gibson is taking comedic acting classes!!

  2. Wow! What a week and you did it all with a smile (of course!) So glad the boys were able to hang out with G and I and thank you for making my week and Mother’s Day special! XOXO! T

  3. Great week of photos, that is 3 long hard days of work, SUPERWOMAN!! The boys are cute, glad you get to relax and enjoy your Mother’s day! Love that you have a hammock and your little one lays with you. Hooray for meatloaf in the microwave, now I want one!! That is a great word, don’t think I’ve heard that one to often or knew the meaning of it, love it!!

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